Monday, March 20, 2017

Daily Toast- Umoja 320171 (The importance of Ceremonies, Rituals, and Routines)

Peace FAM
Great day and Great Umoja. We move into a new week focused on our proverb and principles. Mental illness has been on my mind for the last 12 hours so I felt I needed to find a way to tie this in to our discussion. Our community is under constant attack, and we have to act as if this is normal. Is there any wonder why many of our family members are losing touch with reality. We come into this world and our whole life it seems is a battle against unwinable odds.We strive and push forward and even when we give beyond our best, it appears life throws us it's worst. I personally am surprised that more of our community don't lose touch with their sanity. The statistics alone are enough to make some of us want to give up. I know that this is difficult for many to understand, but I have come to terms with the fact that my people are at war. It is a cold war but a war none the less. When a group benefits from your groups demise, and creates whole institutions that are fueled by your failure, that is an attack. They may not be rolling down the streets shooting us with bullets, but the death toll is still there. As a man it is hard for me to get up and motivate myself to move into what appears to me as a war zone. I can not see with my eyes the obstacles that hinder me, but I can sense them. This fact or some will call it an idea is enough to push some over the edge, but we can talk a little more about this in the video and comment session.
Today I talk about how we can use ceremony, ritual, and routines to plug into something to help pull us through, and help keep us grounded. check out video and let me know your thoughts.

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