Monday, March 13, 2017

This Diet Could Save Your Life "African Heritage Diet"

Peace Fam:
GNJ is all about helping you change your mental diet. I'm always trying to provide thought provoking ideas that are designed to help you start seeing the world in a new way. I figured I would leave the physical diet to the experts, but then I ran into this article about the African Heritage Diet and I had to share this information. Now there are plenty of healthy diets out there, but this one rang a bell for me because they are taking the cultural route. The fact is that human beings developed over thousands of years eating certain foods, and each group have cultural foods that they lean on, except African people in America. Our diet was forced upon us with no concern about the effects on the 5 parts of our being. Now I believe it is time for us to start snatching back this important part of our legacy. I especially like when they stress eating in groups, as a matter of fact they described the dinner table as "the healing table" Goto the site for yourself and get the information and Let's Build!!!

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