Daily Toast- The Lymphatic System

Peace FAM:
We are looking at the lymphatic system, and we are learning about what this system does for our body and how important it is. I am totally blown away by this information. I never knew that this system existed or what it was responsible for. Please tune in and let's learn together. The craziest part about this system is that it needs you to be in action in order to move the fluid. In the lifestyle that we are currently living, we spend a lot of time in unnatural positions, eating unnatural food, drinking unnatural liquids, and breathing unnaturally. All of these things contribute to why many of us are sick.
The challenge is for us is to learn about our body and begin to use our shell (bodies) as the tool in which we express our greatness in this life. Checkout the video and feel free to add any information that I am missing, or may have gotten wrong. I want to make sure my FAM is properly informed.


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