The Ambrosia Chronicles- Super Ginseng

Peace FAM:
I bottled up some ambrosia and put a fresh root of ginseng in it. I wanted to experiment to see how long I need to let it sit before the jun would start to change the ginseng. I woke up this morning and the bubbles have not stopped. I have never used a fresh root of ginseng. So I decided to sample some of the tea. I was surprised, the tea was strong but very sweet. Which is great news for the yeast involved in this process. Lets look at some of the benefits of Ginseng:
*Boost energy
*Lower blood sugar levels
*Cholesterol levels
*Help reduce stress
*Promote relaxation
*Help treat Diabetes
*Sexual Dysfunctions in men
*Help with cognitive functions
*Anti-inflammatory effects
*Cancer Prevention
*Treatment & prevention of flu and respiratory syncytial virus

Of course we know that all things have a positive as well as a negative side and here is a list of some of those negative effects that can happen:
Ginseng can cause:
*Head ache
*Elevate heart rate
*Difficulty Sleeping
*For women- Swollen breast and Vaginal Bleeding

For those interested with taking this understand the elements of ginseng will be enhanced because of the fermenting process, plus I tasted sweetness in my first batch of tea which will further feed the yeast and bacteria allowing for a powerful transformation to take place. Those that have been following me know that I hype up fermented foods because the fermenting process make elements in food that may have not been available before available after the alchemical process (fermentation). I can only guess, but I imagine that some critical nutrients will be released from the fresh root into the drink, plus unleashed in the root that if you get one of these you can consume afterwords. I'm considering naming this "That Luv Me Long Time Ambrosia".
The part of all this that I am excited about is that now that i have found out how to create my own SCOBYs, I am going to bread a SCOBY that will brew only Ginseng root tea. So rather than having fermented green tea and honey acting as the carrier of ginseng. We will have Ginseng tea and honey fermented to create something totally new, and this elixir will be made available to the friends and Family of GNJ only. That is right the only way to get that ambrosia is by becoming a friend of GNJ and in that way you get access to "That Ambrosia". When you give to GNJ, GNJ gives back to you, If you live outside Columbus, oh you will be responsible for shipping fees. The amount of "That Ambrosia" you get will be determined by how much you give.


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