Monday, June 19, 2017

Water & Dehydration

Peace FAM:
Water the most important substance that we can put in our body outside of air. This session was very informative, it demonstrate how far we have fallen from who we are supposed to be. Many of the complicated diseases we are afflicted by in our community may have a very simple solution, drink more water. Water makes up over 70% of our body and is a necessary part of our lives, or it should be. It is apparent that many of us have replaced water with other substances that contribute in no way to our health. These other drinks although they feel good on the palate, are actually wreaking havoc on our internal life. They are robbing of us life, and giving us temporary highs.
According to the article I shared many of us are suffering from Dehydration, and this is breaking our bodies down causing sicknesses that are bankrupting us. We receive medicines that help prolong our suffering, but still encourage the underlying ailment to persist. This article also challenges the notion of the types of water that we drink. The argument is raised that any water but natural spring water may be causing damage as well. The idea is that spring water through it's relationship with the earth provides our body not only with water, but also carries elements in the proper form that our bodies need.
I myself have been sipping on distilled, purified water jumping over the spring water, but for the next few weeks I will begin sipping on some natural spring water. Be careful if you are going to take the same course. Because many spring water say spring, but are nothing but purified water designed to fool you. Check the bottle and make sure that the water you are sipping on can be traced to an actual spring.
Check out the video and let's keep growing and sharing.
Nuff said
I wish you Peace, Power, Joy, and 1hunidyears.

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