Sunday, June 25, 2017

What Are Your Duties

Peace FAM:
I greet you on this great Kuumba day. We lift our glasses and  toast our ancestors, for me this is a duty. This is something that I have to do, a duty. One early morning before the toast I was listening to NPR and heard a story about the youngest prince of England's role family. He stated that him nor none of his siblings want to step in the role of King, but would fuflill their duty if called upon. My mind started working, and I saw a direct connection between duty and purpose. So now I have to ask you what are your duties. If you have a purpose you must have duties to accompany that purpose. I am running into many Nia driven people who have no duties that lead them to their purpose. They can define their purpose to perfection, but when asked what duties accompany the purpose they fall short.
Family take some time and build some duties that will help move you toward fufilling your purpose. Checkout the video and let me know your thoughts, don't be shy leave some comments and "Let's Build!!!"

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