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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sword and Sheild

I haven't been writing on my blog or doing my radio shows for over a month. I have been engaged in a personal conflict, now I know that the uninitiated will hear this and be concerned. If you have been traveling with me on this Journey then you know that conflicts are good for a warriors soul. I have been engaged in figuring out how to help young people educate themselves using the internet. We are living in an amazing time and it is time that we start preparing ourselves and our future for it. I have taken the challenge, and will be successful at it.
New challenges are good for several reasons:
1. They help us find out what we are made of
2. They force us to use our imagination, and channel our creativity into a new place
3. They force us to grow in new ways that may be uncomfortable but good
4. They prepare us for the next step in our life, and in many occasions they open the road for us to take the next step.

For those who are on the Journey find yourself a challenge, something that you are forced to place your wits, skill and strength against. A Journey is an adventure and what is an adventure without challenge. It becomes less of a Journey and more like a route. Something that we repeat over and over, it will eventually become boring and we will either stop our Journey, or fall into the trap of becoming the "run of the mill". This for those of us that embrace the Journey know that we have to avoid becoming regular, "run of the mill", and all the other adjectives that sound and smell like death. We have to be willing to face the conflicts of life. These conflicts make us stronger and better people in a world over saturated with normal.
So sharpen your sword, get your shield, and prepare for conflict. For only through this can we become what we were put here to ultimately become. 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Using Technology to Help Students Educate Themselves

Technology has come a long way and we now have tools that was not even a dream when i was in school. Just like technology it is time for education to leap forward. Schools are still using the same technology they have been using since the beginning. If we are going to prepare our children for the future we need to embrace new technology to move them forward.
I recently accepted a challenge to work with some young people using some up to date technology, and I am finding that children can figure out anything if given the time. All they need is a challenge, and some subtle nudging. Of course we still have to help them adjust some behaviors, but the reality is that after they learn to read and can do basic math they can pretty much pick up on other skills. The technology that is in the world can be used to help them discover that the world is bigger than their neighborhood.
In my search for tools I had the pleasure of running into Khan Academy, the concept of SOLE (a Self Organizing Learning Environment , and TED-ed. Through TED-ed I ran into the technology to flip videos. Flipping a video gives you the ability to use YouTube to teach a lesson, and to get measurable results. You simply take a video, and add questions to stimulate thought and get a discussion going.
The most powerful part about flipping videos is that you can assign your students to flip a video. Now this can be used to get the student to reflect on the videos that they spend a lot of time viewing. When you give them a tool like this you challenge them to be a little more critical about what they view. You can help them look at their own world more deeply and understand that everything teaches us something.
Here is a video that I flipped I hope you enjoy and please leave some comments, and hopefully you will experiment with this and other tech...
Checkout my flipped video

Nuff said
Peace & 1hunidyears

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Late Night Hookah

First, before I get into my post, I want to send shots out to my youngest daughter who made it to the world on December 27 2012 at exactly 6:14... so from this day she will be Known as Ms.614.. I don't believe in coincidence so ms.614 or Sasha confirms that I am where I supposed to be and doing what I am doing.

Some may wonder why I promote using the Internet to it's fullest.  I suggest that everyone gets a blog, twitter, face book, spreaker, g+ and what ever us is out there. "My reasons are personal" (in my Vito Corleone voice)... Legacy ladies and gents. We are living in the most dynamic time in human history, and each of us have the ability to through our voice, writing, ideas, and etc. out into the world. We have been taught to stay quiet, and not share what's on our mind, but I am saying stop hiding your light. Shine for the world, for you may project the beam that may free someone. Stop worrying about those who don't agree with you or that you may not be the best speaker, or writer. None of that shit matters anymore, if you don't believe me just turn on your radio, or the TV and see what's playing. Mindless bullshit that is disguised as entertainment. You heard me, or read what I said. With all this mindless shit being shot at us and our children we have the right and the obligation to through our hats into the fight. It appears to me that the world is being run by demons, and people set on the destruction of this planet. Now I am not on that "conspiracy shit", but I am not blind, nor stupid. I can see when people are being led or baited into following something. The question what is baiting us and where is it leading.
Now here is where my thoughts may get a little spooky, but those on the Journey should be used to this coming from me. When we look into ancient history, myth , and ritual we can see the road map. We are being led to a metaphorical alter for sacrifice. Now I won't go into the specifics of who the alter belongs to, but I will share with you this fact... the best type of sacrifice and most powerful are those that go willingly. When you willing step up to an alter offering your life,mind, and or spirit you empower the ones that are making the sacrifice. You empower what they believe and solidify there followers behind their cause, belief, and or deity. This is not new, this shit has been going on since before the beginning and will continue long after it is over. Your mind is the ultimate prize, so guard it with all your might. Don't allow your self to be led by the nose like a beast to slaughter. wake up and fight....
This is why I am telling you to use this weapon called the Internet to your advantage while you can. Get your thoughts out there, and help change this shit around. The world is big enough for all of us, and there are enough resources for us to live comfortably. As humans we are innovative enough to do these things, but we are so busy being led from fear to fear that we can't see the truth. We are involved in a global system that eats its young. it steals minds, and soul energy so that you can make a better unthinking robot. Then you surrender who you to be what this world wants you to be.
"Fuck That!"
I started the Journey to help people see who they really are, I send my thoughts out to those that are doing the same or at least looking for something different. You are the most powerful being in the Universe, but you are scared of this fact. You have been stripped down wo/man rather than being a Wo/Man. You have sold your soul for a bag of silver, and didn't even haggle about the price, because you believe that you are not worth more than some nickles and dimes. I am here to tell you that you are priceless, and should not sell your self short. Look back over your life, and remember the miracles that happened through you. remember those moments where everything made sense to you. This world's system is designed to beat this out of you... it's what we call in the street "Game"... Here is how it works...
1. pick your target
2. make them feel comfortable around you
3. slightly build there esteem with gifts
4. get them dependent on you
5. allow them to get attached and then attack their esteem and beat that shit down until only you can lift it up
6. now you got a slave that will do your bidding
 This is the simple shit (BASIC PIMP AND HO SHIT) that is being run on us by the system. It is a predatory mind-state, but here is where it is weak. This process can't happen without the perp getting just as attached as the victim. You know like the ancestors taught "you can't hold a man or woman down in the mud without getting dirty yourself". So the perp gets attached and their esteem and power is connected to the victim or victims buying into the cycle. Once the victim brakes the cycle and frees themselves from it, the perp suffers in the same way that he/she/it wanted the victim to suffer. Their power collapse and they begin to doubt and "Things Fall Apart"... They may resort to violence to get a sense of power back, but the feeling will be fleeting, and from that time on they will always harbor doubts about their true power.
The message is simply stop being a sacrificial ho, stop going to the alter of foolishness without raising your voice and speaking your mind. Even if you die your thoughts will resonate through time and space and touch others.
Now Back to why I encourage you to use this Internet and all the little gadgets that go with it. We are responsible to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, and the Internet gives us a platform to protest and rebel not just locally, but globally. What will you leave for those who come behind you. What ideas will you leave to guide them to their destiny. Don't allow your children to be led by fools who believe in "nothing ideas" that are based on what we call in Gye-Nyame the "Unbalanced 7" (fear, envy, pride, greed, sloth, lust and anger I will discuss these in an upcoming blog and podcast) these lead to destruction. Let your voice be heard and your sanity to shine through this madness acting as a light house in stormy seas. Stop giving your thought energy to others that just use it to build monuments of nothingness, for no other purpose than to fatten their bellies, live in big houses, and waste  the worlds resources.
Join me on the "Journey", and I am not talking about just reading my articles, and listening to my podcast. Hell do your own thing but seek truth and when you get nuggets share it in your own way. If you want to contribute to what I am doing by reading, listening,watching, and even purchasing I welcome you, but that is not the main reason I do what I do. If you reflect on the pic of Ms.614, ms. Gigi, and +Cleven Brown and also my older children Wisdom  ,+Ayzaia Williams+Yalonda Brooks , Kiesha, Yavaye, Gene, +Lotus Blossom , Jesse, Brian, Kareem, Mamu, Ricardo, Ron, Durrell ....... I can continue listing my children, but you get the idea. I am leaving legacy, and if I dont challenge the sheet streaming over the radio and children I would be betraying those listed and the ones not listed.
Nuff said
Now I return you to the regular scheduled bullshit....
Peace and 1hunidyears
(to all my children if you don't see your name it is a mistake of the mind and space, but not one of the heart. hopefully I have been a light in your life, and you will grow into agents of change, and truth)

p.s.s ( shots out to my grands)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The End Didn't Come, or Did It???

Well it is the 12-25-2012 and the world didn't end. So that means that I will have to pay these damn billls... Well since we are still here this simply means that we have more time to get life right. We can make changes in our lives that will move us toward what we view as happiness. For some of us the world did end, some of us watched the old world die and a new one emerge from the flames like a phoenix. I love the symbolism of the phoenix because it teaches us that life is a cycle of birth and death, and the cycle never ends. The death that I am referring to is the death of the reason to stay ignorant. With all this social networking, all this access to information by way of the internet, and the world getting smaller their is only one way that people can stay in the old world and that is by choosing to stay blind. Yes this is a choice, and by choosing to close our eyes we will doom ourselves to the way things were rather the how they could be. As people being born in this dynamic time we have an opportunity to change the world forever. We have the opportunity to destroy the old world and its views. We can move from the limited world view that promote scarcity, and fear, or we can move into a mindset of abundance and love. It is that simple, all changes must happen in the mind first. If we don't change our minds we will not be able to see the opportunities. We will hang on to the old and truly destroy ourselves and the world we inhabit.
Looks like the Gye-Nyame symbol 
Prophesies are nothing but warnings not facts. People would rather punk out to the warnings rather than heed the words and make the necessary changes. Has it never bothered you that all the prophesies that we are taught or even broadcasted in the media are all terrible. You mean to tell me that with all the time that humans have been on this planet we have not had a single civilization with a positive prophesy of the development of the world. We must realize that most of these cultures believed in harsh realities and lived in rough times, and their prophesies spoke about their civilization. Think about the arrogance that we have in our present world. We believe that the universe revolves around us and if what we have fall the entire world and maybe the universe will fall with it. Our ancestors felt the same way about their world and times, you can see it in the prophesies and holy books of many of the ancient peoples this includes the Kemites, Isrealities, Aztecs, Mayans, and etc.. Human beings fear instability, chaos, and change this things feel us with a since of dread and when we project these feelings into the future we paint pictures filled with fear. Some of these pictures become prophesies.
In this new time I am viewing a world worth being in, a world where my children will be able to prosper and be happy. I look into the future and see a mystery which does not evoke dread, but a wonder and a desire to face the adventure like the heroes that I read about. We have been given a wonderful chance in this new millennium to move toward what we want rather than to run from what we don't want. So the end the end of the world has happened for me and I stand on the edge of an unexplored land just waiting to embrace me with all the good and bad it can throw at me. Feel free to move forward with me grasp your principles, and change your mind.
Nuff said
Peace and 1hunidyears

Sunday, July 22, 2012

"Your Lever Is Long Enough"

I know that this sounds strange but the idea came to me as I was doing research and found a Greek philosopher by the name of Archimedes. Archimedes was quoted to have said "give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world". In this modern time a lever and a fulcrum big enough to move the world has been presented to us all. The lever I'm speaking of is the internet. This lever if it is used properly can help you move your business, your personal life, and anything else you want to move. Through the social network aspect we can set up support networks for just about anything that we want, and leverage the information and inspiration that they provide. We can seek out information that just 10 years ago would have belong to a rare few, and use it on a daily basis to bring success, peace, and happiness into our lives if we choose to.
The fulcrum in this idea is the devices that have been developed to experience the internet. The laptops,tablets, smart phones, and those new ones approaching the market. These tools are giving us a platform upon which we can move the world if we desire.
How are you using your lever and fulcrum? Are you striving to move the world, change your life, or build a successful business. What ever the goal, we have very few excuses in these days.