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Finding salvation/ Through moving to my limits/ Run, Gye-Nyame, Run/ While doing a Warrior training, we began discussing the importance of the Pledge to our organization. We began to walk through the pledge as a group: "I am a Gye-Nyame Man and I was born for greatness, My greatness flows from my Potent Center. I Pledge to find and connect with my Potent Center."  At this point the question was raised about our personal center, and being able to harness the power it holds. Our discussion first hit the points around the personal power that each of us have, but then the discussion turned from the mysterious power, to the location of our center. We often discuss the power of the center but we never talk about how to find it. Through the process of elimination we discovered  that we had a bunch of fancy names for where our center lies (soul, mind, chakra, and etc..), but we had no definite directions to the center. From here the warriors began to ask QUESTions. Through

Dan Gilbert asks, Why are we happy? | Video on

Excellent video.... Dan Gilbert asks, Why are we happy? | Video on

WOW: Yao Ming Portrait Painted With A Basketball! [Talent Of The Week]

WOW: Yao Ming Portrait Painted With A Basketball! [Talent Of The Week] Today let your talent flow, whatever it is. Your greatness is your treasure and your treasure is your greatness -ChyVaughn

Shaolin Kung-Fu in Africa

Check out this video I found through RBGFITCLUB (big ups) Martial Arts inspiration from Afrika! | RBGFITCLUB.COM : 'via Blog this'

Blessings in disguise

Made love to fatigue/ My son stamina was born/ Now he runs with me/  A new part of my journey has launched, and I have begun to explore running. I have started a training program that will prepare me for half-marathons and beyond. First I want to send shots out to RBGfit Club for suggesting the book "Born To Run" by Christopher McDougall. Which has motivated me to get up and start to running again. This is an excellent book written in a story format. That gives you information that you can use without boring you to death with tons of facts. This book talks about running style, types of shoes to wear or not to wear, methods of running, heroes of ultra marathons, relationship between endurance running and human survival, diet and etc... This book gave me a whole new view of running and why I have been called or should I say recalled to do it. This book helped me take a new look at what running is in my life and what it could be. I have decided to use the information that i

Ron Paul booed

Ron Paul was booed in a debate (1-16-12) in the South for stating that perhaps America needs to follow the "Golden Rule" in our forein policy. For those that dont know the golden rule it states do unto others what you would have them do unto you. Although I do not support Paul or anyone else in politics at this present time, I could do nothing but shake my head as I watched the clip of Paul being booed for making sense. What has this country morphed into. Do certain segments believe that we are above the rules that we teach our children. This event demonstrated th hypocrisy that is running rampent in this country. Being one on the Journey, i am preparing my mind and body for the crash with reality that this country moving toward full speed. We are electing and supporting leaders who have no moral fiber, and being legitimate statements because of our pride as a nation. I guess that is why the ancients taught that "pride proceeds the fall", so get ready for the ri

Tribal quote 2.0

I believe that all wisdom consists in caring immensely for a few right things, and not caring a straw about the rest. -John Buchan Brother Ha2tim SelfMasteryCoach Nation Builder HipHop Philosopha & Shaman check me out @

Tribal quote 2.0

Life is like riding a bicycle - in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving. ~Albert Einstein Brother Ha2tim SelfMasteryCoach Nation Builder HipHop Philosopha & Shaman check me out @


Those that ask questions/ are the most dangerous souls/ in world of ideas/ Ideas like viruses try to replicate themselves and mutiply within beings, and then attempts to spread themselves into the minds of others. Like all living beings (and I stress the term living beings) they fight to survive. The ultimate level of an idea's development is to become an unquestionable truth, or ultimately move into the realm of a belief. Then it can be spread by its carrier with a fervor that is in some cases unstoppable and dangerous to those who dare to question its validity. You can recognize these unhealthy ideas or what I like to call mental viruses by the defense mechanism that are erected within them. These defense mechanisms usually are based around some sort of fear. Now I will not mention some of these mental viruses that are out in the world now because it will make me an enemy and possibly a target of some of you reading this, but I believe a large part of humanity are infected by

Wisdom from the mouth of babes

I sat down to watch the movie "Inception", as the movie approached the end my son came down and began watching and asking questions.  Here is a script of our conversation: Cleve: "why are they floating in the movie?" Ha2: "gravity is messed up because in one dream they are in a free fall and it is effecting the second dream they are in." Cleve: "oh they are having more than one dream at the same time?" Ha2: " yep that is exactly what is happening." Cleve: " well why is one dream moving so slow?" Ha2: "time is different at each level of dreaming.  According to the movie on the first level of dreaming every minute of real time is equal to 1 hour of dream time. On the next level of dreaming 1 minute of our time is equal to a week, and on the third level it moves to years." I  prepared myself for a birage of question I thought this would bring from him, and already was preparing what I would say next, but he had n

African Fractals

African Fractals Click the link and check out the information that is revealed about Africans use of fractal geometry. It also discuss how fractals are the building blocks of nature. I know I know I shared this before, but I want to make sure I get the point across. *The reason  I have the braids showing is because they are an example of a fractal pattern.

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Are You the Voice In My Head??: WORD OF THE DAY....

Are You the Voice In My Head??: WORD OF THE DAY.... : GET: GET REAL, GET A LIFE, GET THE LIFE YOU WANTED !!!! Today focus on you..reflections of you, standards for you, people around you, lik...

Dan Dennett on dangerous memes | Video on

Dan Dennett on dangerous memes | Video on : 'via Blog this'