Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Warriors/Heroes return

After returning from a successful weekend and being blessed to be on a spiritual high for that weekend. I can not describe the amount of despair I felt returning back to the city. It is hard for a warrior/hero to return back home after their adventure. Why is this? It is hard to return to a world that does not understand you. It is hard to return to this plain reality when you have been a witness to miracles and the true power of the Creator. What all warriors/heroes must understand that our real test is never in the alternate realities that we experience or create, but right here in this world. Our true conflicts are in our homes and neighborhoods. We are allowed these rest periods to give us hope of things to come and to remind us of what we are fighting for.
If you look into ancient myths you will see this theme being played over and over again. The heroes of old found it hard to adjust to everyday life when they knew that they have slayed dragons, and witnessed miracles. Not realizing that regular life is their ultimate test. Can you humble yourself to serve the common man and woman when you have spoken to angels and goddesses/gods. Can you still be a brother/sister to someone in need. Can you continue to grow when everything around seems static and stuck in the ordinary.It is your responsibility to become a light to the world and maybe open up the path of the warrior/hero to all those that are around you. Each individual has their own personal journey, their own dragon to slay and can you help prepare them by the example you set.
It took me a while to understand that the despair that I felt and still feel after I return from one of my journeys is nothing but fertilizer, that if I learn how to use it can empower me to grow beyond all my limits. So I say to all those that have journeyed with me or if you have returned from a personal quest embrace life. Embrace it all the happy the sad, joy, the hate, the ups,downs, elation, and depression and view them as your challenges and your preparation for your next quest. For this world is your training ground. So get your workout on.

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