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Lost Civilizations Found in the Jungle | Archaeology | DISCOVER Magazine

check out this article. Just when you think there is nothing left to find. Humanity pops up with a civilization in the middle of the Amazon. Lost Civilizations Found in the Jungle | Archaeology | DISCOVER Magazine

The Baba - Chapter 6 part 2

Image by FreeWine via Flickr   Chapter 6 cont. It was almost six months before Simba stepped back into Brother’s. He looked as if he was under a lot of stress. He checked the books, and reviewed a report on everyone from Wise. Then he disappeared again. Wise came into the kitchen and called me outside. “Jay I don’t like prying into your business, but what is your relationship with Baba Simba?” “He is my sponsor.” “What!? How long have you been in our house?”                         “I completed my initiation 6 ½ months ago.” “Well Baba asked me to give you this.” He reached into his pocket, and gave me a cowry shell . Cowry shells in the club represent rank. After my initiation I received one shell signifying I was a Brother in the organization. Receiving my second shell was a sign that I was being moved up to the level of Majestic. “He asked me a lot of questions about you. Far as your work ethic , and I gave you good marks. It seems that he has plans for you. I was
Friday night Tribal Talk  (Hookah,tea, coffe, and good conversation) Why do we believe/ That people have to be on/ The same page as us/ Why do some people believe that in order for us to work together we have to be on the same page. why is this necessary? I have found that when people stress that we must be on the same page to work or even conversate what they are really telling me is that i have to think like them. This is a very limited way to see the Universe. Actually what you are dealing is in the uverse, and have cut everyone else off because you are stuck on your page. Why do we have to be on the same page? Can't we be reading the same book (speaking of books dont forget to support the Journey by purchasing some books...hahahahaa), or even be reading the in the same subject. Lets open up our dialogs so that we can allow growth. Stop trying to change others, and work on your growth. Different perspectives are good, new ideas are good, and can promote your and others grow

The Baba- chapter 6 part 1

Image via Wikipedia Chapter 6 I have completed basic training and was assigned to work in Brother’s where I first met Simba . I also have been assigned to the male house where my training continued, but seems less intense. Every now and then I see Simba, but he has been traveling a lot lately. I work all day in the kitchen with four other brothers and two beautiful sisters. All are nation builders. Two belong to Gye Nyame House, and the other 4 belong to the House of MChugangi. “Peace my name is Jay Kwabena.” Since I was the new face, I thought it would be proper for me to break the ice. “Peace god”, one of the brothers said with a smile. “ I am Kofi, also known as David . What house do you belong to?” “Im Gye-Nyame.” “Um, I am MChugangi, and that is Leroy he also Kwabena. He’s MChugangi. The two sisters are Jasmine, and Zendria. They also are MChugangi as well.” “How about the other two brothers?” “That is Siles and Wise of Gye-Nyame.” “Cool….nice meeting of you.” I b

How to pour Libations

We pour libations/ to connect with all that is/ and to cleanse our hearts/ I need to start this article by stating this information is based on my personal experience. I have been pouring libations for at least 20 years all over the country and personally. Libations for me is a process of remembering, and connecting or re-connecting to not only the Spirit but everything around us . When we pour libations we are opening ourselves as well as the group to the axe ' of the entire Universe . I first must admit that I do not belong to a group, sect or religious order. I am a lay man who have made a personal connection with the world, and the spirit. By pouring Libations we strengthen these relationship. So let me define a few things first so that we can be on the same page. Libations - the process of pouring or giving a sacrifice to form a connection with this world and the spiritual realm. Spirituality - the state of establishing and maintaining relationships Axe&

Dream house

Image via Wikipedia Have you ever dreamed/ About something so long that/ You thought it was real/ I just woke up from a dream that my mom bought my dream house. Actually this was about the third time I had this dream. She walked me through showing me all the work that needed to be done. I followed quietly, but as she was showing me the rooms that still needed work I shared with her the fact it was a house that I had my eye on for awhile. I described to her what I what I had planned to do with the gigantic old mansion. She listened and told me to come back tomorrow so that we could talk about the possibilities. I woke up from the dream and tried to remember where this house was in reality, and realized that I dreamed the house up. Which means that this old mansion that I had been pineing for over the last 15 years is not in the world it is in me. I was shocked because i have been dreaming and praying that this house would not be sold. I have run through the house toured the house an

The Baba chapter 5- Part I

Image via Wikipedia   Chapter 5 I felt like I have been in this process for years, but it has only been 6 months. When they told us that this experience will change you on all levels they were not kidding. I don’t recognize my own body. I am learning large amounts of information, and have committed a large amount of money. They say during this process you suffer from a disease called the “ups”. When ever you mess up, forget something, late, or etc. you do “ups”, pushups, situps, pull-ups , chair ups, and a whole lot more ‘ups’ until you correct what’s wrong. We had to learn the basic information and apply it to memory. What they say they were trying to do was to get us to develop the “intelligence of the heart.” In the NB Club this is the highest form of intelligence as they see it. The process consist of memorization through reciting and scribing. Once we have the information memorized we begin to test it and apply it to our lives. We are constantly tested on the material, and c

Simba Circle Fund Raiser

It is that time of year once again  where we are reaching out to our family and friends to help us keep Simba moving. For those that don't know Simba/Simsa also known as Rescue, Release, and Restore is an organization that has helped hundreds of African- American young men and now ladies go to our summer camp . Their they are not only introduce to the woods, swimming, basketball, and all of the typical camping experiences. They are also introduced to a committed core of adults that interested in their growth, they become part of a family and a nationwide network, they are introduced to Africentric principles as well as other cultures, and for at least 10 days out of the year they are some place safe (Simba Land). In this letter I am including some video footage for those who want more info on Rescue,Release,and Restore and a link to where you can go and donate. Just follow the link and click on the Columbus chapter . Each chapter has to raise a certain amount so I want to make s

Gye-Nyame Tribe

Join this blog and join me on this Journey. Also join us at our ning site posted up above. Before I get into the subject that I was scheduled to discuss, I need to announce that Gye-Nyame Tribe is not something you belong to when it is convenient for you. You are either part or not. Either you are helping us build or you are not. I have been part of many organizations that have been destroyed by fringe membership it is ridiculous. There is a process of membership if you have not been through it or are not going through it now you are not in the Tribe. So please do not throw membership up in my face if you are not. The history of this tribe is something that I need to go into so that people can really understand. Gye-Nyame Tribe is the result of years of work and study of what was going on in our community. It belongs to and owes a lot to several organizations that came before it. I will take you for a brief walk in the history of our tribe so hold on. The beginning of our tribe roots r

Warriors/Heroes return

After returning from a successful weekend and being blessed to be on a spiritual high for that weekend. I can not describe the amount of despair I felt returning back to the city. It is hard for a warrior/hero to return back home after their adventure. Why is this? It is hard to return to a world that does not understand you. It is hard to return to this plain reality when you have been a witness to miracles and the true power of the Creator. What all warriors/heroes must understand that our real test is never in the alternate realities that we experience or create, but right here in this world. Our true conflicts are in our homes and neighborhoods. We are allowed these rest periods to give us hope of things to come and to remind us of what we are fighting for. If you look into ancient myths you will see this theme being played over and over again. The heroes of old found it hard to adjust to everyday life when they knew that they have slayed dragons, and witnessed miracles. Not realiz
In two days we will be out in the woods erecting our village and enjoying our weekend. It will feel good to be able to get away from the city and be surrounded by my fam. The goal now is to find away to have at least six trips a year. The idea is to use a different site each time. we are starting with deercreek, but believe me as soon as we get back we will be arranging for another trip in another State park. Ohio is beautiful, and I think that our Tribe would benefit by going out and exploring the different sites first in Ohio and then eventually begin to move out into the midwest. Why have we decided to use the Camping trips as fundraisers? 1. They are fun 2. gives the tribe a chance to come together outside the city (which is by the way the first step in ROP, Seperation) 3. Gives people outside the Tribe an opportunity to experience Gye-Nyame 4. It is not to expensive to do (our first trip we charged $25 per person for 2 days) 5. we can bring our whole family 6. It is a mini family