Friday, October 22, 2010

Coaching-Ha2ku by ha2tim

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If life is a game/
who is the coach that helps you/
win your victory/

Find yourself a coach. Find someone that can help you push past some of those personal issues that are blocking you from reaching your goals. Through out time we have had coaches, they have been called different things in different times but the purpose have remained the same. They help others move toward excellence and victory. Although we have isolated coaches to just helping us with sports, the concept can be applied to other parts of our life.

In ancient times these individuals would have been called masters, and/or teachers. They would take disciples, or apprentices and help guide them toward mastery in the trade of choice or life. We have left this system behind, and choose to go through life with out help or guidance. Unless it comes to a sport or getting in shape physically. We have in most case left the emotional, spiritual, and mental parts of our lives off limits to outsiders. We choose to struggle through these challenges alone. When the fact is their are many guides that are waiting for our call for help. Now all that answer may not be the right coach for you, but if you take the time to search you can find someone to help you get to where you need to go.

It is important to stress that the right coach will come into your life and help you get to where it is you need to go, but they are not responsible for getting you there, you must do the work. It is very similar to sports. The coach can prepare you for the game through guiding your practice, but when it is game time he must fade to the back and you must step up. You may also out grow your coach and need to find a new one that is able to take you to the next level. Once again we can use sports as a metaphor. Your Pee-Wee coach may have been good for you in that league, but when you move to high school, most of the time you have to leave that coach and begin anew under the tutelage of a new coach. There is nothing wrong with growing and moving on. As a matter of fact a good coach will help you make this decision.

When we look at life as game, although it is a very serious game (life vs. death) it helps us bring things into perspective. Every game that we involve ourselves in requires us to prepare for the competition that we will face. As a matter of fact, games are models of life. So to be best at the game of living we need to find us a coach, that can help us prepare on all levels. It does not matter how old we are, or what level we are on. A good coach can help guide you through,help you brush up on the basics, and get us to practice excellence on a regular basis. A SelfMastery Coach will force you to ask the questions of yourself that you have been dodging, and help you deal with those underlieing issues that will hinder your growth, happiness, and success. So the challenge today is to find yourself a coach, and begin the walk on the road to success how ever you define it.

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