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Fear vs. Vision-Ha2ku by ha2ti

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Vision inspires/
Fear paralyzes people/
Follow your vision/
The world needs more inspiration and less fear. Right now it seems that fear comes at us from all angles. Fear is the major element that is being broadcast through the media. The problem with fear is that it does not motivate in most cases, it paralyzes. When something is paralyzed it can not take the best action to solve a problem. In fact being paralyzed increases the problem, and puts the person, or society, that is experiencing the fear in more danger. When we are paralyzed we can not move, or think our way out of an issue. We are stuck in time, frozen in place. When we look at what is going on today we can see that fear is the true "weapon of mass destruction". Whole countries are frozen with fear today because of factors that seem out of their control. this is not only happening on the larger level of life, but it may be happening in some of live's ofthose reading this blog as they move through their personal journey.

During times like this, the wisdom of the ancestors really pays off. Instead of being paralyzed by fear, and frozen in place. We can look at some of the words and deeds of those who came before us. We can take this time to inspire ourselves and others, by helping them find their Vision. We can get in-spirited (inspired), and make moves that will help us. Wise leaders always set a vision for themselves and their people to help them especially at times like this. It is the Vision that can help move you out of the grip of fear, and fire up that spirit of knowing that will keep you moving. So when times get hard and scary, and fear is moving in remember point to your vision, and keep moving.

Have you created a Vision that you can focus on and move toward, or are you one of those just stampeding blindly away from the media produced fears. When we step outside of the bullshit and look at the world, most of the things that we are running from have always been their. It is just more accessible for us today. All the terrible things that we fear have always been apart of this world. Economic issues for example,many of us have always been one or two checks away from homelessnes. Now all of a sudden we are surprised that this fact has been exposed. Wew have always had violence hell violence has shaped human history. Dont get all caught up in what is being broadcast over the airways. Remember fear has always been the tool of those in power to keep the rest powerless and frozen and making bad decisions. Don't strip yourself of the only true power you have by being frozen in place and rushed into bad decision because of fear. Take time right know and focus on your vision of what it is you are working, and walking toward. This will keep you calm in your darkest hours. Look at your models from the past. When things get bad for you think about your personal s/heroes and what they had to be going through in their "crucifixation moments", that right I said crucifixation moments. These our the moments that form s/heroes. Fear is an opportunity for us to grab onto what we want rather than accepting what is given to us. We can give in and freeze or we can take action, and if we have a vision we can find the inspiration to attempt the impossible. Without being concerned with victory or failure (that is another blog for another time). "S/Hero or fearful" (nice rhyme, meditate on that) this the simple choice you are faced with on a daily basis, choose wisely my friend. Your Vision is waiting.

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