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Life is like a coin/
It has two sides, life is good/
When we embrace both/

Life exist in between two opposite poles. when we embrace this fact life becomes easier for us. when we look at ancient myths and principles we can see this fact illustrated. Proverbs sing the song of this fact if we slow down long enough to listen. Our very existence is based on the colliding opposites that were set loose in the beginning (if you believe in a beginning). The dance between life and death, the infinite and the finite, the light and dark all provide the canvass upon which our lives take place. Stop shunning this fact and learn to deal with it. We accept this fact in nature and learn to live with it. for example we know that spring is followed by fall, and fall is followed by winter and we make adjustments. Take time to do the same for your life. understand that this  journey will take you through bright days and the darkest of nights, but if you learn to change your perspective and see what is really happening you become one of those that can make it pleasurable or at least comfortable enough to make it through. Ancestors teach us that " no matter how dark the night the day is sure to come", if we realize it and find purpose for those dark times in our lives then we can easily overcome them and find the blessing. Check your mythic s/heroes and see which one did not experience what seemed to be curse but turned out to be a blessing.
The flip side of life is designed to prepare us for the greatness before us. it gives us time to rest and take stock in the lessons we have received. When we get the lessons the Sun of our lives begins to rise and we can move into our greatness as a new person. These flip side of the coin of life helps us recreate ourselves because they force us to take the inward journey that many may fear to make.  Inside of us lies the greatest opposition to our growth and change that we mostly need. These dark flip sides of the coin point out our strengths but more importantly exposes us to our weaknesses. Only through facing our weaknesses and fear can we move to the next level of life.Embrace the fullness of life and you our bond to have a full life. This journey never promised to always give you good times, nor was did ever promise you easiness but it does help you become a fuller, wiser, and more powerful person. Reach and and embrace the fullness of life and become that person you were meant to be.
Peace and 1hunidyears

Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
HipHop Philosopha & Shaman
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