The Art of Yoking

The Gye-Nyame method of pulling the mind & body together during   activities. This prepares the body and mind for Umoja (unity) with the Spirit. Check out my podcast "The Art of Yoking".
While walking in the woods, or should I say small wooded area in the city. The thought hit me ultimately what is the idea behind yoga, and the idea of yoke came to my mind. One of the definitions of a yoke is an instrument that is used to get  separate parties to work together. To yoking is the process of binding things together so that they can work together.
When this thought hit me it  sparked my Kuumba, as well moved me to use my Kujichagulia..I have many clients who I take through the movements that I have been working on for years. When I use the term yoga with some of them believe it or not it still scares people. I have long been a rebrander, and have sought to bring information to people where they were, and now the new inspiration is called " The art of Yoking".
Here is an article about the positive effects of meditation, and how through as I call it "yoking" you not only relax the body you have an actual physical effect on it. So check out article, and if you are interested in learning some meditation methods or yoking methods check me out on my spreaker stations (Gye-Nyame Journey, and On mile 3) or support the Journey check me out on Gumroad and purchase "Meditation by the #'s"...
 Here is the article make sure you check out the "Fascinating Facts about Meditation" at the bottom:

Mindfulness Meditation Linked With Positive Brain Changes, Study Suggests


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