Saturday, February 25, 2017

Daily Toast- Kuumba 225171

Oh my, we have made it to another kuumba, and I am wore out. The flame of my Nia is burning me up and I can't stop. The powerful thing that I have realized about Kuumba is the fact that it sits between Nia & Imani. In my book the Player's Pyramid we progress through the Nguzo Saba backwards. For Gye-Nyame Imani is the base upon which the rest of the principle sits. kuumba is next in the progression. This demonstrates to all those on the gye-Nyame Journey that  in order to create we have to have a strong belief in our ability to create. on the top of Kuumba, We have the fire of Nia, which we spoke about yesterday. The consciousness that activates Nia is good, but it only becomes great when we are abl to apply our Kuumba to the new information that our consciousness brings to our awareness. It is our Kuumba that allows us to take advantage of the opportunities that the beacon of Nia brings our way. Believe it or not the universe conspiring to move you toward your greatness. Our Kuumba is the key that open those doors. Through the proper use of Kuumba we can see beyond what our eyes and the world projects. We can see the possibilities that those who are not aware miss. We can see heaven in hell, and victory in despair. We can mutate and transform all things thrown at us. A perfect example of the power of Kuumba is HipHop. You had young people trapped in a world not of their making, in situations that were deplorable, but still they were able to give birth to something beautiful. They demonstrated the power of alchemy, they took the base metal of their lives and transmutated it into something precious.
Family take some time today, and reflect upon Kuumba, and open your heart. Have faith in your self (Imani), and "Awaken from thy suffering", and become aware of where you are and who you are. Open up your heart and get to creating. The only thing that is stopping You is you.

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