Daily Toast- Imani 319171 Imani (Faith is the power behind Resurrection)

Peace FAM
I wish you a great Imani, and pray that everything is going your way. On this day we salute our ancestors and align ourselves with our other worldly allies. Keeping in mind the proverb that we are working with in this week "Let shame come upon those that would hinder the rising of the dead", I want to remind you about our short discussion from yesterday about the power of Kuumba when it comes to resurrection. Now as we move into Imani I want to stress that today's principle is what provides the fuel for resurrection. Imani is required in this process, but must be applied properly. It is beyond just believing, but carrying oneself in a way that shows that you know that resurrection is possible. When we know something, and act as if we provide the extra force required to bring something into existence. Some just believe and that is it, but faith requires action to be activated. in the process of resurrecting something we have to believe that it is possible, but also know that it is and will happen. The lack of action in our belief systems is what stops us from attaining what is possible. When we just sit around and wait in belief we are only fulfilling half of the equation, and  hopefully we know that half of an equation solved is equal to none of the equation being solved. With all that being said I challenge you on this day of Imani, put the action with your belief and resurrect your life, your dreams, and those around you.
Also today I take you through the brewing process for "That Ambrosia", or at least a portion of the tea brewing process. I use a cold brewing method so I use no heat in my process, so enjoy the video and feel free to leave comments.
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Peace & 1hunidyears


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