Sunday, March 5, 2017


"Say the Knowledge holders, true home is the place from which the sun breaks"

Fam, it has been a busy 48 hours, as you can see I had to work over time to get you this video, and I am still running behind. I have started to focus all my post for 7 days on a proverb or story, and up above is the proverb of this week. 
Dealing with suffering consciously, denying ourselves for the greater good, and moving toward freedom requires us to suffer. All suffering is not bad, when we are able to suffer for those things and people that matter, we transform that pain into something divine. We have problems with suffering because many of us have forgot where home is. Home is not our bodies, not the houses or apartments that we reside in. Home is beyond this plane of existence. We are here for a time, and we have a mission to complete. This requires us to suffer from time to time. Always being able to reflect back on our Nia will help you/us pull through. Checkout the video and let me know what you think.

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