Daily Toast- Ujamaa (Story as a resource)

Peace FAM
Had a powerful interview on "Tribal Quotes", usually I don't have interviews on my two major shows, but this was a special occasion. This brother is a story teller and understands the power of the narrative and expressed it very well. His name was brother Wekesa Madzimoyo and he is a founder of the AYA Educational Institute, and he will be in Columbus, Ohio on April 7- April 8 with some powerful workshops. It would be wise for you to be in the house.
I chose to do the interview on the Tribal Quote because his message lined up with today's principle Ujamaa. He discussed the power of stories to heal and to move our people to another level. He shared that we are in the position we are in because we are not telling our tales properly. We are neglecting one of the most powerful resources that we have. The story resource is so powerful because it can inspire others to move in the way that our culture and people need. He discussed teaching people how to construct stories so that our message is carried through them, rather than the usual message of our enemies. Even defeats can be framed in away that can inspire our people, as a matter of fact in the hands of a skilled master a defeat, can catapult a culture to legendary status, if you don't believe me "remember the Alamo" or  how about the "300" Spartans that were slaughtered by the Persians. Both of those examples inspired and continue to inspire millions.
Family the bottom line is that if you want to change your life, change the story about it. Take time to re-frame your tale and the tale of your people and Let's Build!!! I will see you at the workshop and at the next show.
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