Friday, April 14, 2017

Daily Toast - Nia 414171 224 Self Help Process

Peace FAM:
Nia is purpose as you all know by now, and it is important that we begin existing on purpose. It appears to me that for the last century, we have carried on as if we are stumbling through life. Of course their have been some bright spots but for some reason we have refused to pick up the flame of those times. It appears that we like groveling in the dark, waiting for luck to drop us an opportunity. Ladies and gentlemen their is no luck, either we change our position or we will stay stuck, and when society no longer needs us we will be discarded upon the trash heap of history. Only remembered because our enemies will have constructed false monument to salute our people. I for one will work against this. I have for the last 20 years  been working on developing organizations, plans, and etc., to help set my people free, but I am beginning to understand that just because you look like me does not mean that you are of me. I have had to change my focus, and begin to look at how to develop the kind of people that are needed for the coming battles. Individual development with the purpose of resurrection of the people is the road that I have decided to take.
I had to come up with a system that can separate the real from the unreal, and of course the answer was given to me by our ancestors. Our ancestors used systems of initiation and apprenticeship to help develop the individual worthy of the people, so we developed the system called the 224 Self Help Process. The system is simply a pledge to yourself that you will spend at least 2 hours everyday working on developing yourself. Considering the fact your enemies are working 24-7 to keep you stuck and confused, 2 hours is not a lot to give. The one thing that i know that when people start dedicating time to this system they will begin to find out that 2 hours is not enough. They will begin to slowly increase the time. What eventually will happen is that the user will move toward mastery of the skills that they have been practicing, and that mastery will begin to attract the resources that they need to spend more time on developing further mastery. Many of the obstacles that were there in the beginning will begin to fall away to make room, and the 2 hours will begin to blossom into a true liberating practice.
Give it a try and let me know how it goes:
Nuff Said
Peace, Power, Joy & 1hunidyears

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