Monday, April 3, 2017

Daily Toast- Umoja 43171

Peace FAM
We have made it into another week, and I have lost count, but I thank you for reading these post, and following me on my personal challenge, and journey. Hopefully you have found some inspiration, and we have brought some value to your life. Unity is a powerful principle that when applied can conquer any obstacle that is placed before you as an individual. Unity is a principle that has to be exercise individually before it can be effective as a group. Unity empowers us to work as a whole unity, pulling on all the resources of our whole being (IMESP). I have to stress this because many of us look for collective groups, families or tribes, but have not truly unified within. When this happen the group dissolves because all of the members are looking for a wholeness from the group, that can only start from within. Now is the time to begin working on yourself, learning to harness the Umoja force. When you begin doing this you will start attracting other whole people, and from there you will begin to build the healthy collective that will only add to you rather than drain you.
Nuff Said
Peace & 1hunidyears
Let's Build!!!

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