Daily Toast- 58171 "Benefits Of Steaming"

Peace FAM:
Great Umoja, let's take some time and talk about the power of steaming and how you can use it in your life to get healthier, and to make cooking easier. i personally cook everything in it. As a matter of fact I made my kids some eggs in it this morning. Of course they were hard boiled, but I have made omellets as well as poached. I cook my rice, quinoa, and etc.. I also take care of my fish in this contraption. My favorite thing to prepare though is beans, man I can prepare some beans in less than 2 hours and if they are soaked even sooner. By adding some extra water and vegitables I can make it a soup.
The best part about the steamer is that I can warm up my veggies, and not kill or wash away the health benefits. So those of you taking that 21 Day Nguzo Saba Challenge go to a thrift store or find one of your friends who love buying gadgets and only use them for a few times, and get it from their. I just want to stress that you do not have to go out and buy and brand new steamer. Go on a quest and find one, and you may find something else you need.
Lastly I just poseted up part 2 of the axe' breath for all those doing the challenge so you should be getting it in your email, and if you don't get it let me know @ ha2tim


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