Prolonged Fasting - Daily Toast Umoja 529171

Peace FAM:
Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, we jump into the world of prolonged fasting. I must say that I am amazed. I knew about fasting, but as far as the renewing of the body, and the immune system I am shocked and this will definately be adding this to my regiment. Accord to the small amount of research we have conducted the only things that you really need to maintain a healthy life is proper breathing, water, fasting, and proper food (check out the African Heritage Diet I will be doing another video on it soon)
I also unveiled another Ginseg root  that has been sitting undisturbed for 8 days in "That Ambrosia", and I must admit that it is good. It has a nice earthy, slightly woody taste, it is a bit on the bitter side, but very drinkable, and I am going to be rolling this out soon. This kind will only be availible in half, and whole gallons, this willonly be availible with pre-orders. Let me know if you are interested


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