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An Old Walk In The Woods During A New World Order

  An Old Walk In The Woods During A New World Order Introduction I love going to the woods. For me, it's not just a way to get some exercise and enjoy nature—it's also a form of therapy that helps me clear my mind and relax. Going for a walk or hike in the woods delivers all kinds of benefits: better health, better mood, improved sleep—the list goes on and on. I know that going for a walk in the woods can do more than improve my overall health; it's also good for my mental health. Who knew that walking in the woods could be so therapeutic? Going to the woods can be a peaceful and a relaxing pastime. Going to the woods can be a peaceful and relaxing pastime. It’s an excellent way to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, get some exercise, experience nature and enjoy peace and quiet. For older people in particular, walking in the woods is a great form of exercise because it requires very little effort. You don’t have to lift weights or run on a treadmill; you

Health Or Sick Care System

Peace FAM: On this video we discuss the idea behind our so called health care system. i believe that the system leans more toward people being sick and helping them maintain that sickness, but that is my opion. Feel free to watch video and let me know what you think. Let's discuss and build on the ideas. Peace

The Microbiom & Mental Health

Peace FAM: I am playing catch up but it is cool. I have a couple of moments before I see the doctor so I decided to pen this article. On this video part one and two I get into the little information I have been to gather on this thing called the microbiom. I at first thought that it was about the gut, but the microbiom covers the entire body and can even influence behaviors. This organ or system in our body is estimated to have 100 trillion cells all working with in our bodies. These cells work according to what we put inside of our body by way of eating and drinking. They effect our thinking by releasing neurochemicals that affect the mood, as well as make shifts in our personality. There have been studied that connect some mental illnesses to the second brain which is another name for the microbiom. I had to do this article so that we could look at the information and decide for ourselves if this is legit. They are still researching the microbiom and it is a relatively young fi

The Power Of Bitter

Peace FAM: The bitter parts of life help build us up, and prepare our body and mind for the goodness that eventually will come. We have been trained to avoid the bitter. We are told not to complain, and to grin and bare it, we must monitor what we say and how we say it to make sure we don't spit out bitter words. We are surrounded by food that are packed with sugar and if we go to any grocery store we will be hard pressed to find something bitter. We have advanced humanity to a point where we can possible go a life time and never experience bitter word, or bitter food. We have reached the pinnacle of civilization, for now we can shelter the members from all the bitter that life has to offer. This process is complete but we have lost a lot in this trade, and many may want to go back and make some adjustments in our lives. Bitter helps us grow, and it strengthens us. It helps get our creativity unstuck, just like physical bitters jump starts our immune system, and stimulate digest

Gut Health Is The Key To A Long & Healthy Life- Did I Mention Sex

Peace FAM: Today we toasted up Ujamaa, and looked at another wasted resource in our community. Unlike the other resources I have talked about, this resource is heavily under research. The resource that I am speaking of today is the gut. We have neglected and it has come back to haunt us. It was said by Hippocrates (who was a student of the KMT mystery system) "that all disease begins in the gut", and finally science is catching up with the sages of old. Just in the little time that we have been talking about the gut, we have run into at least 15 common ailments that can be traced back to our microbiome. We have been taught to break our body down into parts, and these parts work together in groups, and these groups work together to form a whole, but modern science and ancient wisdom is shutting that illusion down. The human body has it's own ecology, and this ecology works together to form us. When our ecology falls out of balance then the whole system is out of wack. W

The Skin & African Sponge - Daily Toast Kujichagulia 613171

Peace FAM: I shared some information about the largest organ in the body, and the importance of its care. Most people do not think of the skin as an organ, but it is. In fact when you start learning about it is incredible. It is our bodies first line of defense from the world. It helps regulate the temperature of the body, and helps eliminate toxic waste. On top of all that it helps us look good. Unfortunately we are poisining ourselves with all of the products that we are putting on our skin. Not really reading about the chemicals that we are absorbing into our bodies. The skin is super absorbent, you may just think that you are putting on deodorant orrubbing in lotion, but the fact is you our introducing poison to your system. I also talk about my personal experience with what is called the African sponge. It is great for helping you clean your skin, it also helps with blood flow, and helps remove dead cells. This simple tool or cloth that I found being used in Ghana everywhere  

Whole Grain As A Metaphor- Daily Toast Umoja 65171

Peace FAM: Great Umoja, and I wish you Peace, Power, Joy, and of course 1hunidyears. We start this week with some powerful momentum being provided by you, the readers. Many of you have taken the time to click and sign up for our mailing list and have also taken the 21 Day Nguzo Saba Challenge. I am looking forward to your comments, and critique of the process so that we can make it better. The only way this tribe is going to grow and move into prosperity is with your input, and many of you are providing just that, and once a gain I thank you. it has been a long and arduous journey for me as a blogger, podcaster, and vlogger. I have sat on the side lines learning to use these platforms, and finally I am getting the hang of it. Keep on  doing what you are doing , and let's build a culture that will out live us, and provide a viable future for our children here now, and yet to come. Family I lift my glass to you on this Daily Toast. I pray that our ancestors move in your life and h

Dandelion Root & Other Tonics (take control of your life) - Ujamaa Daily Toast 61171

Peace FAM: Of courser you know that if you follow my videos, I am always a day behind with the post. Morning rush catches up with me, and a majority of the stuff that I do is from the heart (except when I am reading to you). It is marvelous that we are growing, I believe that "If it comes fast it don't last, but if it comes slow it's good to go".  I personally believe that as the audience builds we will be able to do great things. As more people begin to read, and take the 21 Day Nguzo Saba Challenge , we will build a tribe like no other on the Internet. My goal is to eventually be able to meet with some of my distant family members in workshops, and on my travels. Just the other day I was sitting sleep in the barber chair when a Young man came in and woke me up asking was "I the guy that do the Daily Toast", I couldn't do anything but smile because slowly but surely the message is getting out. The fact of the matter is that we lift our Ancestors up the

Parasites Are Everywhere - Daily Toast Ujima 531171

Peace FAM: We toasted the ancestors in a grand fashion this morning. I Love and Appreciate my FAM coming out and support this daily ritual. We have been doing this since the beginning of the New Year, and have been rolling along. I finally have a platform where I can share what I know, and more importantly what I know. I have to apologize because some days I get caught up, and hit one of my rants, but those that have been rolling with me on GNJ, already know what it is. I feel that "My people perish because of a lack of knowledge", and I am here to challenge that. So Join GNJ, like and subscribe and let's learn and share together. Today I went another tangent about these parasites. I have been freaked out every since I started reading about them, and the many forms that they take. I was also amazed at how many ailments they are connected to. Many of us are suffering needlessly, and taking medical treatments that may be breaking our bodies down. Family I think that it is

Parasitic Invasion- Daily Toast Kujichagulia 530171

Peace FAM: I have the creeps, after doing this research looking into parasites. I am shocked that these little critters effect almost every part of our body. They are even known to influence our choices, as far as food, and even effect our emotions. There are Protozoan parasites that are famous for causing  sickneses like malaria, tapeworms, flukes, roundworms, and the many different varities that each of these bugs come in. They sit inside of us growing off of us causing all forms illness, and now is the tie for you to take control back. In Gye-Nyame Journey I constantly stress that all of the principles we practice start from with in. I guess liberation starts within as well. We have to make major moves to get rid of these critters within us, so that we can focus the energy to take our lives and tribes back. What bothers me the most is that these little bastards inside of us appear to be working for our enemies. They contribute to us eating less vegitables, by making them undesira

Prolonged Fasting - Daily Toast Umoja 529171

Peace FAM: Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, we jump into the world of prolonged fasting. I must say that I am amazed. I knew about fasting, but as far as the renewing of the body, and the immune system I am shocked and this will definately be adding this to my regiment. Accord to the small amount of research we have conducted the only things that you really need to maintain a healthy life is proper breathing, water, fasting, and proper food (check out the African Heritage Diet I will be doing another video on it soon) I also unveiled another Ginseg root  that has been sitting undisturbed for 8 days in "That Ambrosia", and I must admit that it is good. It has a nice earthy, slightly woody taste, it is a bit on the bitter side, but very drinkable, and I am going to be rolling this out soon. This kind will only be availible in half, and whole gallons, this willonly be availible with pre-orders. Let me know if you are interested

Daily Toast- Kuumba 429171 "Coconut Oil"

Peace FAM: Today we will be talking about coconut oil and the power it has to add to our lives. The best part for me is that it is healthy fat that can be converted to energy quickly. I will be increasing the use of it in my personal life, and will be reporting on the effects that I feel. I woke up late today feeling much better and was able to take a cold bath and get into my Gye-Nyame Salutation as well as my Axe' breath. The best part about this process is that i am getting much more in tune with my body and as I grow I will share the information with you to help you along on your Journey.

"That Death Eating Ambrosia"

As I sit here writing this post I am listening to Miles Davis, and to get some inspiration to write this post,  I picked up "African Openings To The Tree Of life" by Erskine Peters. When that didn't work I thumbed through my Aesop Fables, and now I am able to push through and complete this project. You are probably wondering what does all of those things that I mentioned have to do with the "Death Eater Ambrosia"? Actually everything, all of the individuals I mentioned up above left something very important and that thing is a legacy. I being a NationBuilder, and also being on and in the Journey realize the importance of legacy . It is the mark that we leave to let others know that we were here, and hat we accomplished something in the game of life. Helping others is why I created "That Ambrosia", Legacy is why I write and do my podcast. I am striving to leave a mark. I want my children to be able to look back and know that I left them and their childr

"That Lemon Lime & Ginger Ambrosia"

"That Ambrosia" is a drink that was created for those on the Journey. I felt that we were in need of something to replace the unhealthy sugar drinks that we are consuming. "That Ambrosia" is a live beverage that helps you with gut health. It provides healthy yeast and bacteria that are involved in an alchemical process of fermentation. They transform the ingredients of raw unpasturized honey, and green tea into an elixir that is tasty as well as good for you. I decided to begin experimenting with other herbs to enhance the healing properties that may already be in this drink (read my last post about "That Ambrosia"). Before we go into the lemon, lime, and ginger, let's discuss the gut and some of the issues that may arise from an unhealthy gut. Then we can look at the first combination I added to my line of elixirs. The gut or as it is also none the digestive system is composed of the mouth, esophagus, throat, stomach, pancreas, gall bladder, colon/an

Here is one of my runs

I think you might be interested in this track: I just thought I would share my runs through my blog. Since I am advocating health and fitness on the journey. So check it out and get moving.

The Gye-Nyame Journey's 360 Mile Quest Challenge

The Gye-Nyame Journey's 360 Mile Quest Challenge : 'via Blog this'

Bug porno

Found this pic in one of our metro parks here in Columbus. I just wanted to share and hopefully you can get a laugh from these bugs intimate moment. By the way support your state and metroparks because believe me if they are lost your town and state will suffer.

MovNat - Erwan Le Corre - Barefoot Running - YouTube

Peace Here is a nice video I decided to share about barefoot running. I have been doing it (check my article on Vibram's running shoes). I have noticed definite improvements in my speed, and the health of my ankles. MovNat - Erwan Le Corre - Barefoot Running - YouTube : 'via Blog this'