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The Baba chapter 5- Part I

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Chapter 5

I felt like I have been in this process for years, but it has only been 6 months. When they told us that this experience will change you on all levels they were not kidding. I don’t recognize my own body. I am learning large amounts of information, and have committed a large amount of money. They say during this process you suffer from a disease called the “ups”. When ever you mess up, forget something, late, or etc. you do “ups”, pushups, situps, pull-ups, chair ups, and a whole lot more ‘ups’ until you correct what’s wrong.
We had to learn the basic information and apply it to memory. What they say they were trying to do was to get us to develop the “intelligence of the heart.” In the NB Club this is the highest form of intelligence as they see it. The process consist of memorization through reciting and scribing. Once we have the information memorized we begin to test it and apply it to our lives. We are constantly tested on the material, and challenged to take our understanding deeper by those of higher ranks. It is like being a warrior and philosopher. At the same time we are mentally working, our bodies are being educated as well through exercises and martial arts, capoeira in particular. We also learned to use weapons. In all of our training safety is stressed first. In the short six months I have learned more than I thought ever possible and Brother Malik stresses that all this is just the beginning of a learning process that I will be involved with until my grave.
We need to learn our family tree all the way back to Gye the mythic hero of our Club. For me this was simple. I came in under Simba. Simba is directly linked to the person who started the Club. The idea for the club came about in 1998. The official founder’s name is Ha2tim. He brought Simba in 2015. Simba is in charge of the Midwest. He oversees all operations of the Club in this part of the country. The Club has interest in many businesses. When the club started the goal was to bring a conscious group of men together up under the ideal of building a nation within a nation. This simply meant helping black people establish the necessary elements needed to not only survive in the world, but to prosper. The first project the club started was Rites of Passage training to help instill the principles of nation building. The idea was expected to include women in 2000. After a strong core group was found they expanded by purchasing property, writing books, trucks, and etc.. By pulling their small resources together they accumulated a fortune. Now the club is international and I don’t dare to estimate its worth. Now they are not only making moves in business , they play a integral part in the politics here and abroud. I am amazed that something this big and powerful exist and I never heard of it. Well I have seen many of the members around town, but I never imagined the power they held. I really thought that I was on top out in the streets, but we were making pennies compared to what the club pulled in. I never thought that you could build this much wealth legally. The club strives to employ and finance all of its dedicated members. Entrepreneurship is stressed. If you have a good idea and willing to put in the work for the club they will fund your project at a low interest rate. You really can’t call it interest, they take so little. The philosophy is if the members prosper, so will the club.

Will continue 4-22-11......
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