Monday, April 18, 2011

Simba Circle Fund Raiser

It is that time of year once again  where we are reaching out to our family and friends to help us keep Simba moving. For those that don't know Simba/Simsa also known as Rescue, Release, and Restore is an organization that has helped hundreds of African-American young men and now ladies go to our summer camp. Their they are not only introduce to the woods, swimming, basketball, and all of the typical camping experiences. They are also introduced to a committed core of adults that interested in their growth, they become part of a family and a nationwide network, they are introduced to Africentric principles as well as other cultures, and for at least 10 days out of the year they are some place safe (Simba Land).
In this letter I am including some video footage for those who want more info on Rescue,Release,and Restore and a link to where you can go and donate. Just follow the link and click on the Columbus chapter. Each chapter has to raise a certain amount so I want to make sure that you click on the Mighty,Mighty Columbus chapter also known as Gye-Nyame. Did I mention to click on Columbus chapter.

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