Friday, November 19, 2010

Thank you-Ha2ku

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Gye-Nyame Journey/
Welcomes all the new readers/
let's grow together/
I want to take this time to thank everyone that take the time out of your day to join me on this journey. We will be dealing with SelfMastery™, and hopefully inspire you to move into your personal process of mastery. I will be dealing with all sorts of issues and ideas, but this is not just about my journey this is about our journey. By you joining this blog or just poppin in every now and then, or receiving a proverb/quote with a link you have joined us on this Gye-Nyame Journey. We all know a journey is no fun if just one person that talks. So feel free to add comments, make suggestions, ask questions. I promise you, I will respond.

I strive to begin every blog with what I call a Ha2ku (actually the word is haiku), but since I'm using it on my journey and being of the Hiphop generation i take the right to change the Spelling and etc.. I use the Ha2ku as a personal tool for my own development, and I have been enjoying as well struggling with the process. It is rather challenging trying to say a a lot in 17 syllables, and to writea new one every day, but it has taught that we all have a creative nature just waiting to be tapped into. You just need to find your method to reach that higher part of you, that thing we in Gye-Nyame tribe call the True Self. That is what this blog is for, to help you ask questions of yourself about those things around you so that you can find out what is real in your life.

In future blogs I will be throwing out challenges, and also making availible tools for to help you on your quest. So feel free to hit hit me up with questions, as well as complaints I am glad to have you and thank you for "Joining the Journey".
Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
HipHop Philosopha & Shaman
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