Friday, February 17, 2017

The Daily Toast

The "Daily Toast" is a project that I started as a part of the #nguzosabachallenge. The challenge is  a simple idea that came to me during the Kwanzaa season. During Kwanzaa those of us that participate in it focus on the 7 principles for a whole week. The question that hit me is why couldn't we continue this practice throughout the year. Being a man that loves, and understand the power of symbols, I began to focus on the number 7. In -Nyame Journey the number seven is the number of study, rest, and perfection. I figured since there are 7 days in the week, why not replace the names with the principles. it seemed like a fair idea for me. The western world never had an issue with forcing their world view and symbols on us, so consider this as my symbolic push back.

The name of the days never symbolically served Black folks anyway so it only made sense to me to replace the Greek, and Nordic god names with principles that would empower me and whoever else used them. Once I shared the idea, I began to do a short toast that blossomed into what it is today. Now I use the Toast to not only talk about the principle of the day, but to toast the Creator, and the Ancestors. That then grew into a daily cleaning ritual, and experimenting with some healthy life hacks. At this point I am experimenting with oil pulling, cold showers, isometrics, kettle bells, and the axe' breath. The goal is to inspire you to do similar things.

With the toast I promote building healthy habits. We start the toast with a glass of water to help the axe' flow in our body. Then we toast our Creator and the ancestors with a health drink, of course I drink "That Ambrosia", but you can drink what you have. I do the toast in the morning but you can feel free toast when you have time. I consider this a daily libation that we pour inwardly rather on the earth. I also focus this libation on the personal ancestors, and I suggest you do the same. I believe our personal ancestors are often overlooked for the popular people in the struggle. However you decide to do the libation is up to you, just do it. Feel free to join me on a daily basis as we explore the nguzo saba, the 7 hermetic laws, and the 7 principles of Maat. I believe that liberation first begins in the mind, and we can learn to control our minds by using our cultural symbols to guide it. So grab your glass and fire your symbolic shot and join me for the "Daily Toast". I will keep it going as long as I can. You can follow the toast on YouTube to watch the video, or you can listen to the podcast on my Spreaker station. Just type in "ha2tim" or "nguzo saba challenge" in the search bar and it will pop up. or just stay tuned to the blog. make sure you like, subscribe and more importantly share.
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