Friday, March 10, 2017

Daily Toast- Nia 310171 (Play & practice your position)

Peace Fam
Today's toast is a celebration of the follower, those unnamed heroes who have made civilization possible. Those people who may have known more and spoke better than the person they were following but kept their mouth shut, and played their part. Many of you may cringe when you read these words, but you have to face the fact that everyone is not a leader, in fact most people are not. I know you will probably fall into the "we are all leaders in our own life" argument but I could argue you there as well. History or at least the way we want to see it does not hoist the follower into the spot light. They teach us to focus on the leader, rather than looking at individuals that gave him the very thing that he needed, people to lead. It is these people who bring the know how to make the vision of the leader possible. It is these individuals that help and remind the leader to stay in line. It is these individuals that raise the money, and balance the books. It is these individuals that keep the meeting halls open and clean. Hell, if the followers ain't on point then the leadership will be wack. It is the unsung, that form the notes that the leader sings.
I am saying all this to encourage you to face the reality that you may not be the next Malcolm X, but may just be a "Malcolm in the middle", but by you learning to practice and play in your position, you make an invaluable contribution to the forward movement of your group, and more importantly your life. By you focusing and applying "right practice" where you are, you grow. Better yet you can create an environment where everyone around you can grow. So please play your role, the future of your tribe, and family may depend on it.

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