Daily Toast- Imani 423171 "Comfort is the enemy"

Peace FAM:
Today we toast this powerful day of Imani, and I share many of the experiments that I am working on. We sample different types of "That Ambrosia", I also share some oils that you may want to incorporate into your life, and discuss some of the properties that they may bring into your life.
Most importantly we discuss how our belief in the comforts of life's may be the biggest hindrance. Our comforts may be our biggest enemy, that is holding us back from achieving our greatness. I jump into a cold tub of water to make this point. Tune in and check it out, our and let me know what you think. remember to check us out and sign up on our website for some exclusive content @ Gye-Nyame Journey. Also be sure to sign up for the 21 Nguzo Saba Challenge to get even more for free as well as discounts on all of our merchandise.


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