Monday, April 10, 2017

Daily Toast- Umoja 410171 (confusing being scared with being mad is stopping Unity in our communiity)

Peace, Power, and Joy FAM
Umoja has swooped in upon me like a hawk, and snatched me up before I was ready. Now I am playing catch up, but I am grateful for another opportunity to greet you on this Great day. It is incredible what new information can do for you. It is like having a blind spot your whole life and someone comes around with a cure, and all of the sudden you can see of the world. I feel that another blind spot has been cleared up for me after  this weekends WHB workshop. I received information this weekend that has changed my view of the world, and if I put it to work it will change the world I'm in.
Confusion is a powerful force, that cause us to mislabel and misplace things. In our confusion about our emotions we have mislabeled scared, and misplaced it in the wrong emotions group. This has caused so much confusion for me. For years I thought I was angry, and I get never understand fully why. I struggled with this anger, I fought with this anger, and  I spoke about this anger. Never realizing that in my confusion I mislabeled fear (scared) as anger. My whole life I have been socialized to maginalize fear (scared), even take it out of my personal language, not realizing that I was crippling my self as a whole human being. Getting rid of part of my guidance system that would help me get back to who I really am, or better yet what I truly am Powerful, Peaceful, and Joyous. The natural state for all of us.
Now be sure to checkout the video and join the 21 Day Nguzo Saba Challenge. We have to start getting back in touch with ourselves.

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