You Better Define Your Purpose & Yo Name

Great Kujichagulia: 

 In this week of purpose we are going to focus on you finding you. I mean the real “You” and what you were born to do. At least strive to get you to begin to ask the question of why you choose to manifest in this day and time. The key word that I am using is choose. I need you to assume that your being here today is not an accident. Nia is the principle that speaks of purpose. So let's assume that there is a higher purpose to your existence. If we are a generational people and we return, then there is a specific reason that we came back to this world. When we identify this reason we now have our why, and this is empowering. If we eliminate the idea of being a victim of chemistry between our parents, and apply the idea that we came here by choice it enables us to look at other possibilities in life. This thought alone can help us move through hard times because it means that we are divine and many of the trials are needed and not just random events.

“The belief that we came back to this earth at this time and are not victims of our genetics or the country in which we were born makes it possible for us to change our lives.”

When we give in to the idea of being an accident of chemistry or random event that just popped into the universe. We surrender ourselves to the hand of chaos. This means that all things involving me are just a series of accidents caused by an entropic universe, so my life does not matter. Thankfully most of us don't think totally like this but we surrender enough of our world view to this system to block us from making progress in our lives. We begin to believe in things like luck, and they become our overall theology for how the world works. When in fact when we read our Ancestors we get a different perspective. We read about an orderly universe guided by a Higher. We hear myths about us being divine, but just forgetting and striving to find our way home. We hear stories about our ancestors coming back to join us, and we having a special relationship with death. Overall we learn that our Ancestors were not at the whim of a random cosmos, things happened and in the end there was always a purpose. We at Gye-Nyame are here to make sure you know that there is a purpose for your existence. You just may not have found it yet, but when you do, the whole world had better watch out.

“There are many spiritual people in the world today that use terms like "Law of attraction." I believe in the concept of attraction, but this is not something you have total control over. You attract certain things into your life based on your overall worldview”

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Kujichagulia is the day, and we can use this principle connected to Nia in a powerful way. We focus on the aspect of Kujichagulia that speaks to our ability to define ourselves for ourselves. Now I am asking you to apply this idea to your existence. I know this can be scary, especially for those who are convinced that our existence is a random meaningless event. Please understand that world view puts you in an eternal victim position, allowing things to happen to you and you have little to no say so. When you take this time to use your Kujichagulia to redefine your Nia you become a “cause” in your life rather than a  forever “effect” to all the things around you. I want to take you through an exercise that I usually start my sessions out without. First thing I want to do is to get folks to look at the definitions that are on their lives. Understanding your definitions should fit in with your purope. The first term that I have every student struggle with is the definition of the word they will hear more than any other. Now let’s stop and think about this: we use words to describe our reality. These words help us see and develop a basic understanding of what is around us. Even the words we use to describe ourselves. The exercise that I am talking about is getting my students to break down the meaning of their name. The word that they will hear more than any other in life. The word that more importantly describes them to themselves and  the people in the world. Many of my student’s don’t believe that this is important, but names and the meaning of names are very important, especially for those that want to take control of their lives. Knowing the definition of the name allows us to hear the job, responsibility, or skill that the name represents. It makes it many times easier to find your path. 

“Redefine your Nia and put yourself in the driver’s seat of your life.”

The major issue is that many of us yield our names as just sounds that identify us. In fact many of the people that I come across have names that are stripped of meaning. Rather than allowing them to stay stuck, I assign them to define their names for themselves. Our names should act as signpost to our purpose. By giving people the ability to define their name I give them an opportunity to use a word that is called several times a day, as a mnemonic device. This is a word, sound, or idea that assists the user to remember who they are, and why they are here. We have other tools that we use that can be found within African cultures all over the word. Although most people are oblivious to it. Nicknames, & day names are fit here. They are only effective when the user is aware of their power. In Gye-Nyame every member is familiar with their day of power and the principles that go with them, If we go back to the idea about us choosing to be here, it stands that we define the when of our birth, This in ancient times would be used to help the community to identify talents early, and give the young person a group of people to look at, and to for an example on how they should be living their lives.

“The ability to control names puts the power of naming itself into the hands of the user.”

The challenge for the reader is to take some time and define their name. Use the internet, the library, etc., take some real time to learn about the word you carry around and answer too. If you don’t like the definition, change it, or even change your name. After you have completed this journey, Join our email list and let us know about your Journey. It will be motivating to new people who are out there wondering if this is worth it. I know many of you will be scared to do this, because you think that you may be disrespecting your parents. Unfortunately I don’t know what to tell you, except that “a good name is better than gold”, especially for those that are trying to move up in life.

“Would changing your name help you overcome self-limiting beliefs?”

Tomorrow we will begin working on Ujima in connection. I plan to keep it focused in this vein. We are going to look at the power of our Ancestors as they relate to our purpose, and Ujima by going over the family pyramid.


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