Daily Toast- Ujima 517171 "The Paradox of the collective"

"There is no healthy person without a healthy collective, and there is no healthy collective without healthy persons."

Great Ujima FAM:
I hope yesterday was productive for you, right now I am sitting in Ujamaa reflecting back. Their are many things that i wished that I would have covered but I think the basic idea rings through. Family we have to begin to rebuild and embrace our culture.
I state rebuild because we can't just grab some ancient information put it together and strap faith on it and feel we will be able to compete. A culture prepares an individual to compete and succeed. Right now I believe that we are following a cultural program that leads us to failure. This cultural paradigm that we follow miss informs us about the past, muddy up the present, and leaves us hoping for a great future. All of these elements are within our power to change, as well as rebuilding our culture.
I created this video to discuss this issue, I hope you will check it out and let me know what you think. Hey, don't forget to take the 21 day Nguzo Saba Challenge, it will change your life. At this point in GNJ we are really looking at some of the benefits of proper breathing and you would be surprised at how many of the issues that we have as a people line up with incorrect breathing.
Nuff Said
Peace, Power, & 1hunidyears


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