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What do you expect?/
That is what you will recieve/
Look for what you want/

What are you looking for in this life? The sad truth is that we usually find what it is we seek. Although this could be viewed negatively, through the lens of our training in this life. When we view this fact From another angle we empower ourselves.

If it is true that we find what look for ,and the world gives us what we expect then be bold, and look for what it is you want in life. Expect the best. Expect to be treated as royalty, and expect to succeed. I know some of you skeptics are reading this and stating that that is not realistic, but I am issueing a challenge. I am betting that this view of the world is as real as yours. I have personally seen in my experiences as a coach that many of the people that have a realistic view of the world get exactly what they expect. A big "nothing", the expect disappointment and get it, the expect saddness and get it, they expect lies and get them, they expect accidents and get them, they expect cheating mates and get them, I can go on and on. What I am challenging you to do is for a 30 day period look for and expect the best. Explore yourself and find what it is that you really want out of life, and open your spirit, mind, and body to recieve it. You have to take time to re-train your mind so that you can begin to see it. what have you got to loose. Many of us have already suffered heart brake, calamity, disappointment, and etc., so what could you loose if you try to change your view of life, and start expecting what you truly deserve.

Now the first thing we have to tame in ourselves is the beast of FEAR that has been instilled in us. This fear assist us in seeing only the ugly and dangerous in life. It prevents us from changing to what we want to be, and stops us from finding what we really are seeking. Better yet it hides what we seek in a cloak of illusion that prevents us from seeing truly and correctly what is before us.

In the SelfMastery process we use a lot of myths, and have not read about one s/hero who was not confronted with this fear, and the illusions it presented. Usually the s/hero would be presented with a situation or a person that appeared to behorrible,but through them mastering themselves they were able to see within the soul of this situation or person and get the lesson and power that they or it held. Prime example of this is the story of the princess and the frog, or the beauty and the beast type stories. also bringing it into current times we can use the story of Hip- Hop. when we look at the development of this culture, we see poor youth looking for escape from poverty. They could have given into what the enviroment,and what the world dictated, but by changing their view they were able to change how they were seeing their situation, and change their expectations. From this they were able to create things that were not there before from materials that the rest of the world viewed as junk (cardboard, old turntables,broken mics, old paint, old clothes,and etc..) and created something that is influencing the world now (another blog for another day, because Hip-Hop's true power has yet to be tapped into as of yet). Marcus Garvey says it best "What man has done, Man can do", what is holding you back from changing your life. What is the major road block that is stopping you from changing your view of this world, and changing your expectations. Be bold and change what you seek, Be brave and change what you expect, and watch your life change as well.
Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
HipHop Philosopha & Shaman
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