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MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!- story by ha2tim

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Here is a short tale that I wrote for those on their personal Journey of SelfMastery. Enjoy
Stories have been used/
To teach people about life/
Let's bring storiesback/

Once there was a master, who was well known for his skill in helping his students become Conscious. It was said that he had gained his knowledge from a long forgotten people, and before they left this world the gave him the secret of Life, and Death. Some even said that he was immortal,because his legend was known by the young and old. He was known to travel a certain road on a periodic journey from the mountains to the sea. He had only 7 rules (that were known throughout the world as the 7 Be's) that his disciples where to adhere to.

1. Be Truth
2. be Just
3. be rightous
4. be mindful of reciprocity
5. be in balance
6. be order
7. Be harmony

children all over were taught this 7 Be's because their parents hoped that one day they would be the Disciple of this Master, and maybe become a Teacha, or better yet a Master themselves.

While standing on the beach admiring the ocean this master was approached by a 'wanta be' disciple. The 'wanta be' bowed and said
"Kind sir allow me to be your student"
the master responded "for what I have nothing to teach you!!"
the disciple rasied his head and told the master the stories he had heard about him, and his famous students throughout time, and begged the master to tske him in.
The master refussed and began to walk back to the mountains. the student followed pleading along the way.
Everyday the master told the 'wanta be', "go away from me I have nothing to teach you",and everyday the 'wanna be' responded with the stories of the master and his past students, and finally he would end by telling the master how he had dreamed of this opportunity his whole life.
after 3 months on the journey and the constant pleading from the 'wanta be'. the Master stopped and accepted him. the Master asked the 'wanta be' did he know the 7 Be's, and the 'wanta be' recited them. The master then looked at the young man and said to him "It is good that you know the 7 be's but the true challenge is in living them,CAN YOU LIVE THEM ?"
The 'wanta be' fell to his knees and thanked the master and assured him that he could live them.
The master then told him "My training is hard, and I except no excuses. when the training gets to hard for you feel free to leave because I hold no hostages,Consciousness is a choice".
The Master looked around him and said, " I guess this is as good a place as any to do our training. I have some basic needs and as my 'Wanta be' you must fufill them is that understood".
The 'wanta be' shook his to let the master know that he understood.
The first task that the master sent the 'wanta be' on was to retrieve some food. The 'wanta be' did this happily on a daily basis until his savings ran out. When the master demanded food on the 10th day the disciple responded " master we have no more money to eat with."
The Master looked at the 'Wanta be' with a smile and stated "MAKE IT HAPPEN". The young man, left troubled not knowing how he would retrieve the food. Just before he got out of sight, master yelled "DON'T FORGET THE 7 BE'S, IF YOU VIOLATE THEM I WILL KNOW, AND NOT BE HERE WHEN YOU RETURN."
This went on for months and first the wanta be wanted to give up, but he hung in their and retrieving enough food for him and his master everyday became easier and easier.
After being with his master for 6 months living in a tent outside of town. The master woke up one morning and decided that they needed a house in town for his lessons to continue with the 'wanta be'. The 'wanta be' immediately looked at the master as if he had lost his mind. The 'wanta be' looked at the master and thought to himself, "how does this man expect me to get a house in this town without money, hell we are just now getting to a point where we can eat well daily. Not only do he want a house, but he wants at least 5 bedrooms."
The 'wanta be' looked at his master to protest, but before he got a word out, the master raised his hands and stated "no prisoners, if it is to hard keep walking other than that 'MAKE IT HAPPEN', and by the way you must keep the 7be's for if you do not I will be able to tell and I won't be here when you return".
The young man left the campsite at first confused, then he was upset. He relaxed and figured that if other had been able to accomplish the task that his master had put before him, so could he. Plus the 'wanta be' felt he had invested to much time with this master and had come no closer to Consciousnes. The 'wanta be' focused all of his efforts and his thoughts on fufilling his master's wish. The 'wanta be' continued to provide food daily for his master, but the majority of his time he spent seeking away to purchase a house as he was instructed. Two years passed and finally the 'wanta be' was able to move his master into their 5 bedroom house.
Next the master told the 'wanta be' that the house was to big for just the two of them, so he instructed the 'wanta be' to bring some students to the house. The 'wanta be' looked at the master confused and before the master could say a word the 'wanta be' stated "I know, Iknow, MAKE IT HAPPEN", the 'wanta be' was really confused because how was he to bring people in to his master when he had learned nothing himself. The 'wanta be' went out and attracted some followers for his master and brought them to the house. Many of them moved in and left the 'wanta be' no place to sleep on many nights. The 'wanta be' was responsible for feeding and providing the basic needs for everyone in the house. The 'wanta be' didn't complain because he already knew his master's answer 'MAKE IT HAPPEN', but he had to make sure he followed the 7be's'.
This went on for years and the 'wanta be' got so good at 'MAKING IT HAPPEN', that the house became prosporous. The 'wanta be' didn't even mind that it appeared that the master spent all his time teaching others. Many people in the house thought he was the servent.
One day the master called the 'wanta be' to his quaters and told the young man that one of his master students was coming to town soon, and the master wanted to through a feast for him. The master stated that this was one of his best students and the message that he would give to the crowd would change lives and may even bring the 'wanta be' to the cousciousnes he was seeking. The Master told the the 'wanta be' that he wanted to provide a feast for 300 hundred people, and the 'wanta be' was to provide the food, and the space for this event.
Now the 'wanta be' was first struck by conflictig emotion. he was angry because how could the master tell him that some stranger was going to give him something the master was supposed to give him. The 'wanta be' had fufilled all of his master's wishes, and felt that he was a good disciple why was he being treated like a servent, while all these other students ate and survived from him 'MAKING IT HAPPEN'. Then the 'wanta be' looked at all the years that this had been going on, and got sorrowful. All the time that the 'wanta be' was wrestling with these emotions the master was standing right there looking at the him as if he was looking into his soul, and reading him like a book. The 'wanta be' remembered why he was there, he remebered the stories of his master he heard when he was young. He remembered how far they had come, and most of all he remembered the love that he had for this sometime cruel man who had became more than his master but his father. The 'wanta be' looked the master in the eyes and laughingly stated "I know, I know MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!".
The 'wanta be' made the preparations. Finally the day arrived and people came form near and far. To hear from this master student that was to come and change their lives, and possibly bring a the gift of Consciousness to some.
The 'wanta be' as usual took his place humblily in the crowd. As His master went to the podium the room broke out in cheers for him. As the master strutted toward the podium he waited for the cheers to stop and he asked for his 'wanta be' to come to the front of the room.
At that time the 'wanta be' got nervous because he was wondering what the master wanted. He knew everything had been taking care of, their was plenty of food, and everyone appeared comfortable. So as he approached slowly in thought, the master grabbed him by his arm and marched him to the back, and the crowd grew silent.
The master looked into the 'wanta be' eyes and said "my time to return to my life journey has come, and your time to begin your journey is now, are you ready."
The 'wanta be' was shocked and did not understand, he thought this was a mean joke, and asked the master "what are you talking about".
The master replied " my son you are the master student that all this was put together for."
The 'wanta be' stepped back away from the master in amazement " how could this be, I don't understand.... how could I be your master student when you have taught me nothing?"
The Master smiled and looked into his student's eyes and said "my son I told you when you first approached me 'that i had nothing to teach you', all that you needed was in you, I just had to help you bring it out. I guess you were expecting to sit around and discuss ideas like the people in your house. That was and still remains a waste of time, but more importantly a test for you. While you were out 'MAKING IT HAPPEN', they lived and still live off your kindness and love for the journey you are on. You learned how to control your emotions, and focus your thoughts, and create something from nothing. While you adhered to the 7 be's. My son you had the ultimate lessons, you were my best and only student, the rest of the people in the house were just people interested in hearing themselves talk. They had nothing to learn because they felt they knew it all. Now it is time for you to share the lessons you have gained from being involved with life and 'MAKING IT HAPPEN' in the world, and it is time for me to leave."
The 'wanta be's' eyes filled up with tears for he could not deny the truth of his master's words," master I am not ready!!"
The master began to laugh and for the first time in all the years they had been together he said the words that the 'wanta be' had always wanted to hear, "my beloved Disciple, how could you ever believe that you are not ready, when you have created all of this. You created the house we live in and teach, you create the lifestyle in which we live,you make it possible for people to eat everyday, and on top of that humbley serve all."
The now Disciple looked at his master and stated " but master I did all this for you."
The master simply responded "now do it for yourself and the world."
the master walked out to the podium got everyones attention, and introduced his Master Student. The Disciple walked to the podium and began to speak, the words just flowed through him,and the awakening he had been waiting for happened. As the words flowed through through the master student and the glow of conciousness flowed over him, the master left and completed his life journey as his former 'wanta be' now Disciple and Master Student started his.
Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
HipHop Philosopha & Shaman
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