Daily Toast- Imani 226171 (The Conspiracy Of You)

The greatest conspiracy that is never talked about is the conspiracy of "YOU". I am here to tell you as we step into Imani, that it is important that you consider this fact. Take time to reflect on your life and recognize that everything that has happened to you good or bad has lead you to this very moment. I know many of you can't believe this because we have been condition to believe that we are little cogs in a machine called the universe, and our existence is not worthy of cosmic intervention. I am here to tell you that you are worthy, and you need to etch this idea into your mind. You need to look at the evidence called your life. Look at the things that have happened in your past, I mean even before you were born that set the stage for you. You are the star of your life, and you need to embrace this fact, and wake up and catch the hints that have been coming your way, and will continue coming your way. The very universe is working on your behalf. So take some time during this day and reflect on your conspiracy, and figure out how to use this conspiracy to move you to where you need to be.


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