Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Daily Toast- Kujichagulia 36171 (5 parts of Being)

Peace Fam:
It was an exciting week, and I have been getting hits about "That Ambrosia" and question in general. Today let's look at the 5 aspect of our being (Intuition, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, and Physical). Staying aligned with the Proverb of the week "Say the knowledge-holders, true home is the place which the sun breaks", for many people this is cryptic, but for the few who have been studying this proverb is clear. To me it speaks about the unseen part of reality which makes up at least 90% of existence. That is right, a majority of the universe can not be perceived by us. Our ancestors through altered states of consciousness were able to become aware of this bigger reality, and was able to incorporate this knowledge into their daily lives. We lost our way and need to focus in on some basics so that we can get back in touch. With today being Kujichagulia and the Hermetic law being correspondence we can look at breaking through some of the mysteries by taking a deeper look at this hermetic law. It states "As above so below, and as below so above", this law is telling us that by learning about the small we can learn about the large, by learning about the seen we can learn about the unseen. Which brings us right back to learning about ourselves. When we explore the mystery of ourselves we get a glimpse and a grasp of the mysteries of the universe. The 5 aspects of our being is Gye-Nyame Journey's road map to better understanding ourselves. So listen in as we break these down quickly, if you have any questions or comments please share. Let's learn together, grow together, but most importantly let's Build!!!

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