Friday, March 31, 2017

Daily Toast- Nia 331171 (Puts some Nia on it)

Peace FAM
Woke up this morning, and did not want to leave the house, but I knew I still had to do my toast. I decided to do a promo for the 21 day Nguzo Saba Challenge. After going back and checking out gumroad my excitement grew because with this product I could finally take control of my digital content.
On this Nia you can decide to exist on purpose. Nia is a spice that you can put on your life, to bring the flavor back. Take some time and challenge yourself to move to the next level. If you need help we are here to assist you. The Nguzo Saba Challenge is designed to help you apply Nia and the rest of the principles to your life, and in doing that change every aspect of it. You will be surprised how by applying this simple system you can change your reality. I have been working through the steps myself, and will be here to help you when you get stuck. The challenge is about taking back the symbols that shape our lives, establishing routines, and rituals on purpose, and aligning the 5 parts of our being. You will receive information from GNJ as well as supplemental information that  my team has been gathering for years. Now you have the choice to pick and chose what you use, but you get from the process what you put in. You will receive emails on a regular basis throughout the 21 days that you can use. You will get free pdf's of Tribal Quotes, The Players Pyramid, and the 21 Day Nguzo Saba Challenge Journal. You will receive access to our Folktale spreadsheet that connects each story to a principle and the instructions on how to use it. You will receive a video that walks you through the Axe' breath and the Gye-Nyame Salutation exercise. You will also get instructions on the Warrior Diet, and some information on the African Heritage Diet. We will also have live hangouts, as well as make someone available for you if you have any questions. You will also get access to our Nguzo Saba Challenge Community on Face book so that you can share your insights, struggles, and victories.
I know some of you are wondering why would I give all this away for free. Years of research, writing, and struggling made available for nothing. The fact of the matter is that it does cost, you have to work, and trust the process. Once the process has worked it's magic on you and your life you will come back and contribute to our Tribe. So FAM it is not free, it is a strategic move, better yet confidence in what we have to offer you, and confidence in you. We at GNJ realize that all relationship are built on give and take. We are making the first move in establishing a relationship, now it is your turn.
Nuff said
Peace & 1hunidyears

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