Sunday, April 2, 2017

Daily Toast- Imani 42171

Peace FAM
Here is another edition of the Daily Toast, This episode I am joined by my lively Daughters Shasha & GiGi. I Try to go a little deeper with the Nguzo Saba Challenge and the order of events for those that will participate. I am going to develop a checklist of things to do and you can decide for yourself how far down the rabbit whole you want to go. The deeper you go the more powerful the effect will be for you. In short each day will begin with you waking and focusing on the principle of the day, making sure that you state it aloud, and focus on what type of day it will be for you. Remember we are seeking to take control of the energy of the day and guide the symbols associated with that day in our favor. Then we will move tour our daily toast, this is an internal libations that we pour to align our body with our purpose. We start this part by drinking some water. The drinking of water is the most important part of this ritual. Water is the key to health and if we are not taking hydrating ourselves serious all the other parts of the challenge will fall apart. You should drink water before you take anything else into your body. Water is filled with axe' (life force), and it helps awaken your body, by removing toxins from the previous day. I suggest drinking at least 16 ounces, but do what you can. I personally prefer distilled water, and the first drink should be just pure water. After this step is complete we move into our toast (libations), for this portion you can use water, or a health drink. I personally use "That Ambrosia" a kombucha I make. If you don't have access to "That Ambrosia" you can use Lemon and water, lime and water, apple cider, and water, or an herbal tea. It is best that all this drinks be unsweetened, especially if you are on the warrior diet.
In the Toast we salute our Creator, our personal ancestors, the present moment, and our future generations. This part of our ritual once again gets us to focus on the important things in our lives. After the toast move into a routine that helps get focused on the coming day. I clean up the kitchen, but you can build your own. The routine can be composed of anything that will help you focus your energy for the day. After the routine is complete we move into our meditation and workout. I personally move into the axe' breath, and a exercise regiment. After this i move into my cold shower which definitely will help you get focused, helps get the blood flowing, helps your body eliminate toxins, and jump starts your internal system by encouraging it to begin burning fat.
Yesterday we spoke about utilizing the Warrior Diet during this process so I won't go into a conversation about that.
FAM this is the basic run down of the process, nothing is in stone. I expect you to use your Kuumba to structure it to fit you. Checkout the video enjoy my kids and have a great day.

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