Daliy Toast- Kujichagulia 411171 "The game is not fair because we are not playing"

Peace FAM
In my book "The Player's Pyramid" I describe life as a game, and state that those that know the rules win the game. Today I want to go a little deeper, FAM  the game appears to be unfair to us because we are not playing. It appears that we are not even attempting to compete. By us surrendering to our competition we are throwing the whole universe out of balance. We are required to put up the best fight we possible can, and trust our ancestors. We have to begin to compete, and begin to make other groups feel uncomfortable around us. The game we are born into requires us to act as a group, and get rid of this universal man concept, we have a role and when we don't play that role we expose our future generations to servitude. Now I want to clarify the role, as Black people in America we are a group that has economic, business, political, social, educational, and warfare responsibilities. We have to begin to train ourselves and our children to compete. Many groups in America already do this, all you to do is look at the little townships, and suburbs on the fringes of our cities. As Marcus Garvey says "what man has done man can do". Now many people will read this and automatically think that I am discussing separation, but this is happening in the front of our eyes and no one ever screams separatism. We have the right in this system to set up something for ourselves, as a matter of fact we will become more valuable to this country. As we start building, providing jobs, training our young people, taking care of our elders, educating our children, producing goods, and providing services our net worth will begin to grow, and we will be able to formulate beneficial partnerships with other groups. This is not about isolation, but this is about taking some time pulling ourselves together, and demanding that other groups respect us. This is Kujichagulia on steroids, we define our borders, we define our relationship with other groups and deal from a position of power.
Nuff said
Peace, Power, Joy & 1hunidyears


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