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What do you intend/
intention is your weapon/
Use to cut threw life/
For those on the journey the challenge is to learn to find your lessons not out of the mouth of wo/men, but to find them in the world and your experiences. Your story is the text book of your life and the lessons you can gain from studying yourself are vast. Dont ever under estimate the wealth of wisdom sitting unattended in your personal journey. We are all being prepared for greatness in some way, but sometimes we miss the lesson because we get caught up in life.
Now that I have that out the way let me tell you a short story to help make my point and to cover the lesson in my Ha2ku.
When I was younger (alot younger) I use to play football (which is full of life lessons). I was alright, and was told by many coaches that I had potential for greatness in the game. I recently ran into an old coach of mine that gave me a lesson that I had to share. This coach remembered me and was happy to see me. We sat down and had a few drinks and started to remember the days when I played on his team. I had to ask a question that has been on my mind for years. Here is the dialogue:
Ha2- coach why did you bench me if I had so much potential?
Coach- we didnt bench you son, you benched yourself. After your sophmore year football was not your major focus. We needed players on our team he focused not only on football but victory. You were good and had talent but you didnt love football like you did in your first 2 years.
Ha2- how could you tell?
Coach- by the decisions you made off the field. Your decisions were good ones but they were not made with your football career in mind.
Plus you didn't run the ball like you use to.
Ha2- what!!?
Coach- Yep, you just ran. You see the way we designed our offense we didnt need someone to just run the ball. Hell anybody could just run the ball. Our offense required the back that was touching the ball to intend to score everytime he touched.
Ha2- awww Coach dont you think that was asking to much?
Coach- Nope... you see for the blocking schemes to work the running back had to have the intention of breaking for the uprights everytime. Not just getting a first down or just a few yards. When you were a freshman and even into your sophmore year when you touched you expected to get a touch down, and because you had that intention the universe made opportunities for that to happen. By your junior year you didnt expect much so you didnt get much. So for us to have a winning season we had to sit you down (bench me).
Ha2- Why yall didnt tell me that?
Coach- you were a teenager, how do you teach something to someone that feels that they know everything?
Now this is not verbatim but it is close enough for you to get the idea.
Intention is a powerful force that we have in our arsenal. Like all of the other force that we deal on this journey it is neither good or bad it "just is". Either we master it and make it serve us or it masters us and we become the slave to the circumstances of our ignorance. Whether we know about these forces or not they work in our lives and bring what it is we are seeking. We must become conscious of these forces and harness them to bring exactly what it is we want in our lives. Intention is an incredible force at our disposal. I have experienced its power first hand. I have learned that intention makes a big difference in all encounters and conflicts. When two equal forces collide they usually stop or destroy each other. But when we put consciousness into the equation onto one of the forces and have this consciousness intend a favorable outcome. The force with an intention will win every time. What's even more encouraging is the fact that a smaller force can overcome a larger and more powerful force with a focused intention to do so. An example of this phenomonon is when a martial artist punches through concrete. We know that concrete can absorb a lot of force on most occasions more force than the human body can produce. But when a skilled martial artist applies focus and intention to his force (punch) it not only will go through one brick but s/he will smash through many. I need you to focus on the fact that you can do the same thing in your life. What obsticles have been place before you that you can not crush with a little focus and intention applied to your force. Remember those of you on this journey are conscious beings. You are aware of the powers or becoming aware of the powers around you. Start using them to build the life you want. Start using the power of intention to cut through the madness in your life. Weild your new weapon in your life and watch the miracles that you perform.
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