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Fuck It Bucket for TinaImage by Dave Makes via Flickr
I am tired now/
World closes in for the kill/
Fuck it, and live dreams/

I wanted to call this post "forget it", but that did not move me like FUCK IT!!! I needed something to  get the juices flowing because this conversation requires emotional content. I have noticed that people need to get their emotions involved in order to make necessary changes in their life. Intellectually we can present idea after idea, but if we never touch the emotions all we are doing is intellectually masturbating. So I needed a term that would get you involved with this post, and "FUCK IT" works perfectly. In some of you it may cause a feeling of revulsion and for others it may make you laugh, but if it evokes any emotional response that is what I was shooting for. Emotion is powerful tool that can help build an empire or destroy it. The important thing to remember is the emotions and thought have to align for successful continuous action to take place.
Sometimes in life we have to say "FUCK IT", to move forward in our life. When we make it to the point where we say this magic phrase we have reached a point of frustration, and from this frustration we can make some kind of change in our life .
Hopefully you have been to this point in your life and know what I mean, if not then keep living and you will understand. We sometimes get trapped in life and no matter what we do there seems to be no escape. We get trapped in jobs, relationships, debt, etc., that don't work for us. In fact they seem to work against us. It seems sometimes the harder we work the deeper we get. This is when we will have to get past our degrees, our holiness, our proper training and just shout out "FUCK IT, I need a change". When you reach this point you begin to  notice that you may be in a job that is not moving you toward your life goals, maybe you might find yourself in a relationship that is causing madness, or maybe you find that the lifestyle that you are living is not really yours and is pushing you into  deeper debt. Stand up and say "FUCK IT", what do you have to loose. FUCK the world and all the false ideas that have been programed into you. Stop beating your head into the wall of conformity hoping that you will not get a knot on your forehead. The world is designed to keep you in a neat little box that constantly enforces limits on your life. You need to say "FUCK IT", and pursue your purpose. Hell, most of us can't sink any lower, so what do you got to loose. Say FUCK IT (the world and the systems that work against you)and write that book, say "FUCK IT" run for a political office, say "FUCK IT"  and become that scientist  or engineer, say "FUCK IT" and  start that business. The only thing that is stopping us is our hope that one day someone will walk into our dungeon (cubicle or office) and say "hey you've got talent and here is the money to pursue your dreams", sorry for the vast majority of us this will never happen. The only way you are going to make it is to stop hiding your light in your cubicle, behind your desk, behind your kids, and the other thousand of excuses that you have been taught.
Now is the perfect time to begin your journey. It is during horrible times that the next generation of heroes are made. In fact it is the horrible times that form them. This means for those on this journey we are in an opportune time. We are the living phoenix that can and will rise from the ashes of doubt, self pity, fear, and pain. Re forming ourselves into the legendary beings we are and soaring off into the sun.Personally, I am saying "FUCK IT", and moving on and into my purpose. How about you?
Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
HipHop Philosopha & Shaman
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