Meditation Balances the Body's Systems

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I happened to be looking up some info about meditatition  for a group that I was doing, and decided to share an article I found. Actually this article started a few days ago when one of my elders sent me a video about transcedental meditation. Since I use some meditation techniques in my classes I decided to share  this information on my blog as well.
I have decided that for the next 30 days I will meditate at least twice a day and blog about my experience. I am also challenging all my co authors, and members of  Gye-Nyame to do the same. Science is not only showing the healing properties of meditation on the individual's body, but has also shown that meditation also effects the world around us as well. So if I can get 50 people meditating with me for 30 days twice a day we can change the world. hahahahaa.
Seriously I am putting out the challenge to all those on  the Journey, Meditate with me for the next 30 days or how ever many days our left. i started thursday 5-12-11. Work on yourself. If you are willing to push yourself leave a comment, and I will get at you. Peace

by the way here is an Ha2ku before the article:

Meditation clears/
dirt  from body and our soul/
Caused by illusions/

here is the link:
Meditation Balances the Body's Systems
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