Stop looking at my finger

Don't look at finger/
look at path that it shows you/
Now walk on your path/

I have noticed that many times when I am giving advice that people will focusing on what I am doing rather than looking at where they need to be going. This is a fatal mistake for those on the Journey. When someone is giving directions to go somewhere it is always best to listen and look toward what they are pointing to rather than focusing your attention on them. I guess this is something that come with the culture that we have come up in. Many times people are looking for scapegoats to place their mistakes and faults on rather than just taking personal responsibility for their own stuff. So they begin to focus on their guide and what the guide is doing rather than focusing their effort on getting where they need to be.
We all want a perfect person to guide us and give us instructions for this life, but the fact is we are all flawed and if you are basinng your decision on success, salvation, joy, prosperity, aand etc., on something outside of you. I guess you get what you deserve. Stop looking at my finger and get to focusing on where you need to be. so for those Bruce Lee lovers like myself here is a small clip to help slap you into the proper mindstate. 


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