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Unlocking the Power of Honor: A Guiding Light for Our Tribe's Future

  Unlocking the Power of Honor: A Guiding Light for Our Tribe's Future In a world where words often lose their meaning amidst the noise, "Honor" stands tall, embodying a profound truth that resonates deeply within the soul of our community. As we navigate the complexities of modern existence, it's essential to return to the roots that define us, leveraging the timeless principles of Honor, Loyalty, and Sacrifice to forge a path forward. This exploration isn't just about understanding a concept; it's about redefining our collective destiny through the lens of integrity and truth. As a community committed to empowerment and personal growth, we dive deep into the essence of Honor—dissecting its impact on our lives and our interactions with each other. This isn't just an article; it's a manifesto for those ready to embody the true meaning of Honor in their lives, propelling our tribe towards unprecedented heights of unity and strength. The Core of Honor: H

the Baba - Chapter 5 part II

Image via Wikipedia Click cover Chapter 5 (cont.) All my free time is spent studying with my generation (those that came in the same time as I did). We have to be able to answer all the basic questions. They start by asking us about the symbols of the club. From there we have to get into what is a nation, and eventually get to our family line. My family line  was simple. Simba was brought in by Ha2tim who is one of the founders. I am the only person Simba had brought in so far. Other family lines were fifteen people long. I had been going through the underworld for months and I had not seen Simba. Even when I am on work detail. I was sent a to work at the different establishments that the club owned. Many of these places you would never know the club had anything to do with. The longer I am in the more amazed I am at the depth of the influence of the club in this city. It is amazing what they are doing. The membership is full of people you would never expect from politician

Simba Circle Fund Raiser

It is that time of year once again  where we are reaching out to our family and friends to help us keep Simba moving. For those that don't know Simba/Simsa also known as Rescue, Release, and Restore is an organization that has helped hundreds of African- American young men and now ladies go to our summer camp . Their they are not only introduce to the woods, swimming, basketball, and all of the typical camping experiences. They are also introduced to a committed core of adults that interested in their growth, they become part of a family and a nationwide network, they are introduced to Africentric principles as well as other cultures, and for at least 10 days out of the year they are some place safe (Simba Land). In this letter I am including some video footage for those who want more info on Rescue,Release,and Restore and a link to where you can go and donate. Just follow the link and click on the Columbus chapter . Each chapter has to raise a certain amount so I want to make s

Be a Victor

Image via Wikipedia Check out my E-book Player's Pyramid paperback will be out soon Victim or victor/ Live life, dont' let life live u/ All stories end same/ This is choice that at some point we all will have to make especially if we are going to walk this Journey moving toward SelfMastery. We have to learn to be Victors, or settle for being victims. One is active the other is passive.One pro acts and expands, and the other reacts and recoils. This is something that we have to sit down and decide. Although on the exterior the choice seems simple. Being a Victor means that all my excuses have been eliminated. It means that you begin to take responsibility for everything in your life and experience. This does not mean that you accept injustice, but we acknowledge it, then deal with it. We look within and find the lesson that may have been their for us. We conquer it and add it to our warrior story that we tell around the fire of life. by doing this we are able to become g


to purchase click Image by ViaMoi via Flickr The only true sin/ is separation from God / which cannot be done/ When time is taken to study this statement, some conflict within may begin.  This thought clashes with everything that may have been programed into us. Many of us may have been convinced that we were born in sin, and that is the end of the story. When we look at the view of sin that is spoken of in the Ha2ku, we can't accept it. It is comfortable for many to be a sinner, infidel, heathen, or whatever term is used today. When we accept this views of ourselves they give us something to blame. We don't have to take immediate responsibility for what we do, because we was just following our nature, or we can hand over the blame to some outside force that has control over us like a demon or devil. I'm not hear to argue against those beliefs, if they work for you stick with it. For those who have embarked on their Journey and are exploring new ways to look at th

Gears of change-Ha2ku

Image via Wikipedia What's your gears of change/ Have you built a system yet/ To guide you to goal/ Gears are perfect model for us to look at when it comes to setting up systems in our lives. Gears are seperate parts of a machine that work together to get work done. Have you identified the gears of your life? If not, you should. Take time to identify those driving forces in your life so that you can evaluate if they are helping you reach your purpose. This is a good step for those on this journey, because the worst thing that can happen is that you begin your journey only to find that you are going the wrong way. Believe it or not this is a common event. S/heroes set off on their quest only to find out they are going the wrong way, or doing an unnecessary task because a personal inventory, a checking of the gears was not performed. Our personal gears may require for us to do some repairs before we begin our journey. Maybe we may need to replace or repair some. Have you been t

A Journey - short tale

Image via Wikipedia You have traveled world/ seeking the secret of life,/ have you found it yet?/ This is the question that was asked of me by my Master, as I returned from a 2 year journey. I was so embarrassed being that it seemed that I had failed myself, my Tribe, and my master. What made it worse was he had gathered the elders and leaders of our tribe to listen to what I had discovered. Maybe it might help you to understand how I ended up in this situation if I start at the beginning. My journey began years ago (when I was a Child) in front of a fire as I heard the older men and elders tell stories about our Mythic Hero ( to get story leave a comment and request it and I will send it to you) . Gye (mythic heroes name) was said to be the  founder of our tribe. The elders and high ranked members of the tribe sat up all night discussing the things he had done and how it effected our lives today. I was in love with these stories and more so with the discussions, I was able to sn


Image via Wikipedia Life is like a coin / It has two sides, life is good/ When we embrace both/ Life exist in between two opposite poles. when we embrace this fact life becomes easier for us. when we look at ancient myths and principles we can see this fact illustrated. Proverbs sing the song of this fact if we slow down long enough to listen. Our very existence is based on the colliding opposites that were set loose in the beginning (if you believe in a beginning). The dance between life and death , the infinite and the finite, the light and dark all provide the canvass upon which our lives take place. Stop shunning this fact and learn to deal with it. We accept this fact in nature and learn to live with it. for example we know that spring is followed by fall, and fall is followed by winter and we make adjustments. Take time to do the same for your life. understand that this  journey will take you through bright days and the darkest of nights, but if you learn to change your persp

Social media

Image via Wikipedia What if Nat Turner/ Had a facebook or twitter/ World would be different/ Those of us on this Journey have accepted the fact that we are agents of change in this world. We have decided to develop ourselves and have realized the small changes that we make in ourselves ripple out into the world. Being a successful agent of change now-a-days has been simplified for us, but in the simplifying of our ability to reach millions we have inherited a gigantic burden. In these days we don't have the excuses that generations before have had. We unlike like our ancestors can reach out and touch thousands very inexpensively. I am one that believes that if we don't take advantage of these gifts we deserve what we get. With the introduction of social Media we have been given the power unlike any other to make change by sharing our ideas with the world. The effectiveness of this tool can be seen if we just look at what is going on in Egypt , Tunisia , and other hot spots


Image by M.C. Martin via Flickr What do you intend/ intention is your weapon/ Use to cut threw life/   For those on the journey the challenge is to learn to find your lessons not out of the mouth of wo/men, but to find them in the world and your experiences. Your story is the text book of your life and the lessons you can gain from studying yourself are vast. Dont ever under estimate the wealth of wisdom sitting unattended in your personal journey. We are all being prepared for greatness in some way, but sometimes we miss the lesson because we get caught up in life. Now that I have that out the way let me tell you a short story to help make my point and to cover the lesson in my Ha2ku. When I was younger (alot younger) I use to play football (which is full of life lessons). I was alright, and was told by many coaches that I had potential for greatness in the game. I recently ran into an old coach of mine that gave me a lesson that I had to share. This coach remembered m

Thank you-Ha2ku

Image via Wikipedia Gye-Nyame Journey/ Welcomes all the new readers/ let's grow together/ I want to take this time to thank everyone that take the time out of your day to join me on this journey. We will be dealing with SelfMastery™, and hopefully inspire you to move into your personal process of mastery. I will be dealing with all sorts of issues and ideas, but this is not just about my journey this is about our journey. By you joining this blog or just poppin in every now and then, or receiving a proverb/quote with a link you have joined us on this Gye-Nyame Journey. We all know a journey is no fun if just one person that talks. So feel free to add comments, make suggestions, ask questions. I promise you, I will respond. I strive to begin every blog with what I call a Ha2ku (actually the word is haiku), but since I'm using it on my journey and being of the Hiphop generation i take the right to change the Spelling and etc.. I use the Ha2ku as a personal tool for my own


Image via Wikipedia What do you expect?/ That is what you will recieve/ Look for what you want/ What are you looking for in this life? The sad truth is that we usually find what it is we seek. Although this could be viewed negatively, through the lens of our training in this life. When we view this fact From another angle we empower ourselves. If it is true that we find what look for ,and the world gives us what we expect then be bold, and look for what it is you want in life. Expect the best. Expect to be treated as royalty, and expect to succeed. I know some of you skeptics are reading this and stating that that is not realistic, but I am issueing a challenge. I am betting that this view of the world is as real as yours. I have personally seen in my experiences as a coach that many of the people that have a realistic view of the world get exactly what they expect. A big "nothing", the expect disappointment and get it, the expect saddness and get it, they expect lie

Opportunities Knocks - Ha2ku by ha2tim

Image via Wikipedia Opportunities/ Are like the wind; when they blow/ Have your sails prepared/ Opportunities/ Are like bugs, they come toward light/ Increase inner light / Listen I think opportunity is knocking, but you may not be able to hear it, because the TV (tellievision) is to loud, maybe the radio is drowning it out, or maybe the bullshit of life has your ears plug.Maybe your arguments in bad or stagnet relationships is drowning it out. Maybe the howl of your personal fear is to load. Maybe the chains of your job are rattling to loud loud for you to hear that sweet knock. We are living in a time of heroes, and it is in times like these that those heroes rise and accomplish the impossible. They hear opportunity, and hunt it down. They take the needed risk, cut, and/or add what is needed in their life and get moving to making the impossible possible. Where are you on the hero scale in your life. Be honest with yourself, are you waiting for someones permission, creden

Fear vs. Vision-Ha2ku by ha2ti

Image by v:MarinO:a *SiiNeSteSiiA* via Flickr Vision inspires/ Fear paralyzes people/ Follow your vision/ The world needs more inspiration and less fear. Right now it seems that fear comes at us from all angles. Fear is the major element that is being broadcast through the media . The problem with fear is that it does not motivate in most cases, it paralyzes. When something is paralyzed it can not take the best action to solve a problem. In fact being paralyzed increases the problem, and puts the person, or society, that is experiencing the fear in more danger. When we are paralyzed we can not move, or think our way out of an issue. We are stuck in time, frozen in place. When we look at what is going on today we can see that fear is the true " weapon of mass destruction ". Whole countries are frozen with fear today because of factors that seem out of their control. this is not only happening on the larger level of life, but it may be happening in some of live's ofth

Warriors/Heroes return

After returning from a successful weekend and being blessed to be on a spiritual high for that weekend. I can not describe the amount of despair I felt returning back to the city. It is hard for a warrior/hero to return back home after their adventure. Why is this? It is hard to return to a world that does not understand you. It is hard to return to this plain reality when you have been a witness to miracles and the true power of the Creator. What all warriors/heroes must understand that our real test is never in the alternate realities that we experience or create, but right here in this world. Our true conflicts are in our homes and neighborhoods. We are allowed these rest periods to give us hope of things to come and to remind us of what we are fighting for. If you look into ancient myths you will see this theme being played over and over again. The heroes of old found it hard to adjust to everyday life when they knew that they have slayed dragons, and witnessed miracles. Not realiz